Word the poet felt that the only

Word choice is quite important in poetry. As poems are short to
begin with every word is needed paint the picture the author is trying to paint.
Authors choose words according to how they sounds and their connotations.

In “Words, Words,
Words,” the word choice: “We don’t speak of tribal wars anymore / we
say simple faction fights.” The word ‘tribal’ has a different connotation
from the word ‘faction’. While one makes you a think of villagers which is out
of the bounds of civilization while the other makes you sound like a member of
a sophisticated social group who is trying to further their agenda. If you want
to be taken seriously in the world you need to nations which looks much more
powerful than a tribe and is recognized by other nations and organizations. Which
gives more sense to the “’cause from there, one moves to multinational.”Sepamla’s
poem shows the power of words and how it can affect readers. It shows whatever you
choose to believe will become your reality. It could also mean that at our core
level we are just different tribes of people trying to fend off in this modern
society and it isn’t very different from how it used to be, we just mask
everything with more modern words.

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In this second poem, the poet was
talking about academic learning vs experiential learning. He is not interested
in the maths and theories of the educated professor. He can’t connect with the
theories and maths until he goes outside and sees the stars for himself.
Looking up at the night the poet felt that the only way to learn is to learn
from experiences as opposed to reading about it.
In conclusion this poem shows the difference between knowledge and wisdom.  Wisdom is portrayed by the process of learning
through experience and exploration. Knowledge, on the other hand, comes from
research, reading, and established theories. The astronomer attempts to relay
his academic knowledge in his lecture, but the speaker does not connect to the
subject matter from such a distance.