Why Is Ted Bundy The Most Nefarious Essay

Consecutive Killer Of All Time. Essay, Research Paper

Thesis Statement: To turn out that Ted Bundy is the most villainous consecutive slayer

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of all clip.

Pleasantly fine-looking, bitterly intelligent, he was a maestro

operator, a eloquent smoothie who had the power to entice adult females to

their deceases and confound constabulary and the tribunal system for about a decennary. The

twenty-four hours before his decease, Ted Bundy was choking back shortness of breath, and said I don t

privation to decease, I kid you non, but I deserve, surely, the most utmost

penalty society has. ( Lamar, 1 ) . Ted Bundy was laid to rest at the age

of 42 by the electric chair on January 24, 1989, from his earlier strong belief of

snatch, and the slaying of Kimberly Leach ( Lamar, 2 ) . The following

paragraphs will depict merely what it takes to be a consecutive slayer and the scaling standards it takes to be the most villainous consecutive slayer of all clip. The undermentioned paragraphs will discourse the difference s between John Wayne Gacy Jr. , Jeff Dahmer and Ted Bundy. This paper will turn out that Ted Bundy is the most villainous consecutive slayer of all clip.

A consecutive slayer is by and large a white male, between the ages of 21 to 43,

who are sexually dysfunctional and have low self-pride. To be a consecutive

slayer you have to hold an luxuriant phantasy that builds up, and so leads to

the violent death flings. In order to be considered a consecutive slayer, the slayer has to hold murdered at least 10 people. Consecutive slayers by and large murder aliens

with chilling off periods between each offense. Many slayers enjoy

cannibalism, necrophillia and maintain trophy-like organic structure parts as souvenir of the

slayers work. In order to happen the most villainous consecutive slayer of all clip,

rating standards is required. The rating standards of this paper is figure of

slayings, the method of slaying and overall insanity.

Jeffrey Dahmer, a lone wolf with a cleaned shaven visual aspect, preyed on

immature work forces and male childs in Milwaukee s interior metropolis. Dahmer lured his victim s to

his flat assuring a good clip or money. In his flat Dahmer

would strangulate or knife his victims, and so dismember his victims. Dahmer

admitted to eating a thigh, a calf and a bosom from a victim. In other instances

Dahmer would hold sex with the cadavers ( Saul, 2 ) .

Dahmer s first victim was a 18 twelvemonth old hitchhiker in Bath, Ohio in

1978. Psychiatrists who examined Dahmer said he was driven by

necrophilia, an titillating involvement in cadavers, and was partially motivated to kill by a fright that his familiarities would finally reject him ( Saul, 2 ) . Near the

terminal of Dahmer series of violent deaths, Dahmer lured a Laotian male child to his flat

and attempted to turn him into a living dead by boring a hole in his caput and

pouring in a acerb liquid. The hallucinating, barely dressed male child escaped and

roamed out into the street, joging in his native linguistic communication ( Saul, 2 ) .

When the constabulary arrived at his flat with the young person, Dahmer

invited them in, stating the constabulary that the immature Laotian male child was a willing

sexual spouse earlier in the eventide, so the constabulary gave the male child back to

Dahmer. Dahmer subsequently killed the Laotian male child. Dahmer was arrested in 1991

when a victim escaped, and notified the constabulary. When they arrived to collar

Dahmer, they found an empty flat of nutrient except for a bag of murphy

french friess and a victim s caput in the icebox ( Saul, 2 ) . Millions of people

around the universe were shocked as they watched on telecasting as constabulary

carried an 80-gallon boiler of victim s custodies and genital organ. Dahmer besides

stored victim s organic structure parts in jars of methanal ( Saul, 2 ) .

Dahmer admitted to killing his victims, but pleaded insanity. A jury

rejected the supplication and he was sentenced to 16 back-to-back life sentences. At

Dahmer s February, 1992, condemning he said Frankly, I wanted decease for

myself, I know I was ill or evil or both. Now I know I was ( Jaeger, 1 ) .

Jeffery Dahmer was beaten to decease November 28, 1994 in Columbia

Correctional Institution in Portage, were he was functioning his 16 back-to-back

life sentences ( Jaeger, 2 ) .

Jeffery Dahmer s decease toll was 16 immature work forces and male childs, he lied and

lured them into his flat. Jeffery Dahmer was a really ill and distorted

adult male, he raped, and ate his victims and maintain their organic structure parts. Jeffery Dahmer

pleaded insansity, he knew he was sane, and merely liked to kill people, but he

was non willing to acknowledge that. Jeffery Dahmer is one of the most villainous

consecutive slayers of all clip, but he is non figure one.

A crisp concern adult male, who owned a catching company, loved to

host luxuriant parties for friends and household and dressed up as a buffoon for the

kids s amusement. This adult male was known as John Wayne Gacy Jr.

a.k.a. the Clown Killer. Over a three twelvemonth period John Wayne Gacy Jr. raped

and slaying over 30 immature male childs, and the victims were subsequently found under the

floor boards of Gacy s place ( Bell, 34 ) .

John Wayne Gacy Jr. had a troubled childhood, he was verbally abused

by his male parent, and had a terrible hurt when he was hit in the caput by a swing

on a swing set. From all the maltreatment by his male parent and the swing, Gacy would

have blackouts for the remainder of his life. Throughout his childhood Gacy

complained of bosom strivings, the physicians could non happen any important bosom

jobs, but the physicians continued to watch his bosom. During Gacy s life,

he was ne’er near to his male parent, his male parent died before Gacy entered High

School. For the remainder of Gacy s life, he regretted ne’er acquiring near to his

male parent.

Jeffery Ringall had merely returned from a winter holiday in Florida, and

wanted to travel out and loosen up on the town. Jeffery Ringall decided to travel to a

saloon in New Town, on his manner to the saloon an Oldsmoblie auto was in his manner,

the driver complimented Ringall on his sunburn. The driver invited Ringall to travel

for a drive and smoke a articulation of marihuana, Ringall accepted and hopped in the

auto. The driver was John Wayne Gacy Jr. , and he was ready to kill. One-half

manner through the joint Gacy shoved a shred filled with trichloromethane into Ringall s

face. Ringall lost consciousness from the trichloromethane, and following thing he knew

he woke up Gacy s flat ( Bell, 36 ) . On the floor in forepart of Ringall was

a big subdivision of sexual playthings, that Gacy was be aftering on utilizing. That flushing

Ringall was raped, tortured and dragged out of the flat and placed

under a statue in Chicago s Lincoln Park ( Bell, 37 ) . Jeffery Ringall was one

of the few victims of John Wayne Gacy Jr. to hold survived.

On December 22, 1978 John Wayne Gacy Jr. confessed to patrol that

he killed over 30 immature male childs, and buried their remains in his crawl infinite

( Bell, 35 ) . On the first twenty-four hours of the constabulary probe, constabulary found two

organic structures in his crawl infinite. On Wednesday, February 6, 1980 Gacy s slaying

test began in Chicago s Cook County Criminal Courts. Gacy s attorneies

opening statements were that Gacy s is no longer in control of his life, and he

is insane. After two hours of deliberation the jury found Gacy to be guilty of

the decease s of 33 immature male childs and was sentence to decease by the lethal


John Wayne Gacy Jr. a.k.a. the Clown Killer was guilty of killing

33 immature male childs, and was laid to rest in 1994. When Gacy was asked

to state his eventually words he said Yeah, kiss my buttocks ( 1 ) . John Wayne Gacy

Jr. had a troubled childhood, that lead to his troubled life, which uttimately

lead to his killing flings.

The Picasso of

the consecutive violent death community, intelligent, charming, and

good looking, all these words describe Ted Bundy. Ted Bundy was no

Picasso, he was a pure physco, he had the fire inside to be the most villainous

consecutive slayer of all clip. At the terminal of Ted Bundy s rain of panic he raped,

and killed about 50 immature adult females ( Lamar, 1 ) .

To do affairs worse, in 1969 Bundy learned of his true parenthood.

His sister was really his female parent and his parents, he was to happen out, were

really his grandparents. During this clip in his life, Bundy became really

angry, he wanted retaliation and he hated the universe. He changed from a shy and

respectable individual to a more focussed and overwhelming character. He was

driven, to turn out to himself and to the universe, that he was a normal individual.

Ted Bundy was one of the smartest consecutive slayer s of all clip, but on

January 14, 1978 he faced the Chi Omega soriety house ( Bell, 76 ) . On this

day of the month in clip, five of the soriety sisters would ne’er see the visible radiation of another

twenty-four hours. Most of the misss were at parties on campus, it was non unusual for the

sisters to remain out tardily. Most of the misss returned to the house early the following forenoon, except Nita Neary. Nita Neary was dropped off by her fellow at

3 ante meridiem after go toing a local party. When Nita reached the door of the house

it was broad unfastened, and the misss ever closed the door, so she thought that

was reasonably uneven. Soon, after Nita walked in the house she heard some

motion coming from upstairs. All of a sudden, she heard footfalls

walking down the stairss towards her, it was a adult male have oning a bluish knit chapeau,

transporting a log with fabric wrapped around it, and ran out the door.

Nita s foremost thought was that the house had been burglarized by the

adult male, so she ran up the stairss to wake all her of sisters up. Nita went into her

room foremost and her roomie Nancy Dowdy was kiping, and was incognizant

of the state of affairs. Unsure of what to make, the misss made their manner to the

housemother s room. Before they reached her room, they saw one of their

roomie reeling down the hall, with her full caput soaked with blood.

The housemother rapidly ran to look into on the other misss, Nancy and her

roomie tried to assist their injured friend. The housemother went into

another room to look into on the other misss, in that room she found Kathy Klein,

Kathy was shed blooding severely from a hole in her caput. Nancy rapidly ran and

called constabulary. At the scene of the offense, constabulary found two more misss lying

dead in their beds. Person had attacked them while they slept. Lisa Levy

was the first miss that the officers found dead. Diagnosticians who subsequently

performed the necropsy on Lisa, found out that she had been beaten on the

caput with a log, raped and strangled to decease. Upon future scrutiny of

Lisa, they discovered bite Markss on her natess, and one of her mammillas have

been bitten off. Lisa s roomie, Margaret Bowman, showed similar

hurts, although she had no bite Markss, she was strangled by a brace of pantie

hosiery. Margaret had been beaten so severely on her caput by the log that her

caput was splintered and a part of her encephalon was exposed. Neither

Margaret or Lisa showed any marks of battle.

On February 15, 1978 constabulary had all the grounds to bear down Bundy with

the slaying offenses. On this day of the month, Officer Lee s was doing his day-to-day paths

and spotted Bundy s auto. Officer Lee s turned on his visible radiations and gave pursuit,

all of a sudden, Bundy pulled over and stopped. Officer Lee ordered Bundy out of

his auto, and told him to lie on the land with his custodies in forepart of him. To

the officers surprise, every bit shortly as he went to manacle Bundy, he rolled over

and began to contend with the officer. Bundy managed to contend his manner free from

the officer and started to run. Just every bit shortly as he ran officer Lee pulled his

gun out, and fired a shooting at Bundy, he fell feigning to be changeable. Equally shortly as

the officer approached him lying on the land, he started to contend once more with

the officer. Finally the officer overpowered bundy and handcuffed him and

placed him under apprehension ( Bell, 76 ) .

Equally shortly as Bundy was in gaol he was charged with the Chi Omega

slayings. Confronting the decease punishment, Ted would subsequently plead in his ain defence

that was he was non guilty of the slayings ( Bell, 78 ) . On July 23rd, Bundy

waited in his cell as the jurymans deliberated over his guilt or artlessness.

Showing no emotion, Bundy listened as one of the jurymans read out GUILTY.

On all counts of slaying, Ted was found guilty beyond a sensible uncertainty.

On July 31st, Ted Bundy would be sentenced to decease in the electric chair.

Millions of people around the universe cheered when Ted Bundy was sentenced

to decease in the electric chair.

Merely hours from Ted Bundy executing Fox Files decided to sit down

and hold a talk with the most ill-famed consecutive slayer of all clip. Fox Files

wanted to see merely what would do this slayer tick. The interview was

inquiring inquiry about Bundy seize with teething his victim, Bundy said In my experience,

for me, it s something that normally accompanied a high grade of rousing. I

mean about possibly a manic sort of province. ( Crier and Scott, 2 ) . It was

clip for Bundy to be laid to rest, it was reported the first 2,000 Vs of

electricity shooting through his organic structure, it did non kill him, the 2nd bolt did. He

lived 12 proceedingss longer in the electric chair than any other human being of all time

had ( Crier and Scott, 5 ) .

Jeffery Dahmer was a really ill adult male who ate his victims, physicians

believe he suffered from cannibalism, and necrophilla. Jeffery Dahmer was a

really insane adult male, who had a small voice inside that ran his life until he was

killed. Jeffery Dahmer killed 16 immature work forces and male childs in entire, non even shut

to Ted Bundy. On the other manus when you look at John Wayne Gacy Jr. you

see a adult male that was raised by a opprobrious male parent, who died at a early age. Gacy

was a male child who wanted to be loved, and in his head, killing people was the

merely manner for him to derive attending and be loved. Gacy was merely a adult male who

wanted to be loved by his male parent and to hold attending. Gacy slaying 30 immature

male childs, but Bundy murderd over 50 immature adult females. Bundy would kill more

than one victim at a clip, unlike Dahmer and Gacy. Bundy was the lone

sane one of the three, he knew how to pull strings his victims and constabularies for

about a decennary.

As the decease tolls rise and the bells ring, Ted Bundy emerges from the

fog to be the most villainous consecutive slayer of all clip. Ted Bundy was punishment

sane, he knew what he was making. Turning up, Ted had a troubled

childhood, Ted could hold been anything he wanted, but Ted chose to be a

slayer. Ted loved the haste he received from killing person, so he continued

to ravish and slaying until he was caught. After reading this paper and looking

at all the grounds, this paper proves that Ted Bundy is the most villainous

consecutive slayer of all clip.

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