What global development. There were numerous amount

What were the legacies of nineteenth-century
imperialism? What was anticolonialism? In what ways is the world today shaped
by the actions of nineteenth-century imperialists?


            It would be very right to say that nineteenth-century imperialism permanently altered
economic, social, and political background around the globe, and created the
context for global development. There were numerous amount of causes of the new
imperialism of the nineteenth century like economic cause natural resources and
the requirement to expand markets at a certain level. The desire to advance
profits and the resources needed for growing populations. There were Political
and military cause like National Security and Nationalism. Social Causes were
also a part of it like to spread religion and stuff and a lot of other factors.
Anticolonialism is  a term that is used to define a movement
opposed to any form of imperialism or colonialism.  It has a lot of non positive effects because
countries aren’t concerned on how they may damage others. In some ways, they
tense connection between the worlds human. Trade and migration increased
noticeably as powers demoralized the resources of subject lands and took on
labor services to work in colonies throughout the globe.

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Discuss the factors that led to the outbreak of
World War I. What role did the alliance system play in this process? What role
did nationalism and imperialism play in the road to World War I?

            There were a lot of that led to the outbreak of World War
I. One being the Mutual Defense Alliances, other include Imperialism,
nationalism, militarism and a lot more. Over time, countries throughout Europe
made mutual defense agreements that would pull them into battle. These treaties
meant that if one of the countries were attacked, allied countries were bound
to defend them so they were left with no other choice except to initiate a war
which led to the outbreak of one of the most prominent battle known as World
War I. Before the War, Africa and some parts of Asia were subjects of controversy
among the European countries. Because of the raw materials and other major
resources these land could supply, tensions around these areas got super high.
This increasing competition to gain access of this land and its resources plus
desire for greater empires escorted to an increase in confrontation that were a
major factor in the increment of the chances of World War I. Much of the origin
of the battle was entirely based on the need of the Slavic folks in Bosnia, and
Herzegovina to separate from Austria but instead be part of Serbia. So, nationalism
forces the war to took place in the first place and it was a key element in the
initiation of the War.