Volunteerism because they are more socially aware

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Volunteerism is a well-known noble activity that is widespread all over the world. Many people tend to socialize in order to find the purpose of themselves and volunteering helps in making a great avenue for self-finding. It is essentially good to help other people in order to give something back to the community. Volunteering activities are generally conducted by school organizations that aims in helping people and in organizing activities that would help in the formation of man’s social welfare.In the State of the World’s Volunteerism Report “Transforming Governance” (2015), states that there are more than 1 billion people volunteer globally, the majority of them are working in their own countries. Added to that, in the Philippine context, the Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency (2011), recently launched the country report on the state of volunteerism in the Philippines. It reported that volunteerism in the country continues to be the most effective form of enhancing citizen’s participation in community affairs and that the current policies and structures in place are conducive for volunteer to flourish in the Philippines. The data are affirming that Filipinos are more likely to engage in volunteering especially among youths. Del Mundo & De Quelen, (2007) said Filipinos are branded with values and traditions known as “Bayanihan” and it continues to manifest in present times. Moreover, many young people, specifically students are engaged in volunteerism because they are more socially aware about what is happening around them due to the social media (Yumul, 2014).Volunteering in the local areas continues to arise and volunteer programs in Bukidnon, Philippines are becoming more popular. Volunteerism in Bukidnon takes in another form called “Pahina”. In which, community members would gather to help in cleaning and working to the Barangay extents. Bukidnon have far-flung areas in which indigenous people are mostly settled, the programs of the government aren’t plenty enough to reach those area. In line with that, the problem awakens the heart of many volunteer groups. Many volunteer groups came and they conducted volunteering activities and handed goods and services towards the benefit of the people living in Bukidnon. This study is to strengthen and promote knowledge and understanding of volunteerism and its influences to the student leaders. This situation interests the researcher since volunteerism is an active way of supporting the promotion of social awareness. Through the engagement of volunteers, student leaders enable to further its reach to the broader skills and knowledge. This research may promote the participation of university students in the volunteer program to enhance the understanding of helping others. Likewise, this research may promote influences into other school and universities to engage their students in volunteering activities.It is therefore the purpose of this study to examine the influences of volunteerism to the student leaders. Furthermore, it would look into what perceptions student leaders do have regarding volunteerism.


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