Violence On Television Violence Is Everywhere Essay

Violence On Television: Violence Is Everywhere Essay, Research Paper

Violence on Television: Violence is Everywhere

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& # 8221 ; I ne’er learned which party was winning, nor the cause of the war, But I

felt for the remainder of that twenty-four hours, as if I had had my feelings excited and harrowed

by witnessing the battle & # 8230 ; & # 8221 ; ( Henry David Thoreau )

These yearss our whole life seems to go around around force. There are so

many channels on Television that advocate force on a day-to-day footing. Sports that we see

every Sunday stir up aggressiveness and convey choler to a high degree. Around

school struggles seem to happen often. We get excited whenever we come

across these state of affairss and sometimes wear & # 8217 ; t cognize what caused the ordeal in the

first topographic point but nevertheless it grabs us and we become involved, mentally and/or


The telecasting set is a practical fire hosiery of force being forced into our

heads. Whenever there is a boxing lucifer that is a bigger battle than usual, Pay-

Per-View is ever there bear downing anyplace from 30 to sixty dollars so we

can all sit back, relax, and watch two work forces ( or adult females ) dance around a ring and

crush the encephalons out of each other. God I love America! Even on basic overseas telegram we

hold these fantastic kids & # 8217 ; s plans like The Mighty Morphine Power Rangers,

sketchs ( eventhogh I love them ) , and the V.R. Cavalrymans, to call a twosome.

Surprise! they are either based on combat or acquiring smashed by trucks and we

laugh and we love it. It & # 8217 ; s difficult to crush watching person else beat up on after

you merely had a B

ad twenty-four hours.

Football and hockey, can & # 8217 ; t crush them but no one truly cares about the

rule of the game we all merely want to see the large hits. When watching

football highlights the things they love to demo the most are the calling stoping

tackles normally before they even show the tonss, hey who cares about the mark

after you merely saw some cat acquire annihilated by a 250 lb line backer, we merely

acquire excited about the hit. Hockey, The athletics in which you can acquire a nice five

minute interruption for kicking the non out of person during. You have got to love it

when the crowd is louder over the 30 2nd battle than they are during the

remainder of the game.

For those who think force is merely restricted to Television Land, good there is

force in our high school every bit good ( shocker, huh? ) . Well every one time in a piece

we get to witness a lovely fist-fight between two or more pupils, and the

occasional unwilling module member. Those brawls aren & # 8217 ; t blown-off by the

pupils either. Nah, we love to see a good battle and speak about it after the

twenty-four hours is over.

It & # 8217 ; s sad to state but force is one of our national basics. Whether you

are a hill-billy from the Ozarks or a millionaire numeration you & # 8217 ; re 1000

dollar measures in you & # 8217 ; rhenium penthouse in downtown Manhattan you have experienced

force in one form or signifier. After everything & # 8217 ; s all said and done sometimes

you forget what the battle was approximately. Whether it & # 8217 ; s human nature or something

instilled over clip, force is a portion of our lives and we merely have to cover

with it.