TransCanada road.Thirdly,creating a pipeline is one time

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TransCanada Corp., the
Alberta-based oil hub, needs to repurpose the pipeline, now conveying flammable
gas, to transport unrefined petroleum from Alberta’s oil sands to New
Brunswick. Named Energy East, the venture is TransCanada’s $12-billion oil
dream. On the off chance that the organization advanced the go-beyond, it would
be the biggest and longest oil pipeline in North America.

First and foremost, I will
give the views against the statement, according to government data, only Montreal spent around $14 billion in
oil imports every year. That’s the equivalent of the annual economic activity
created by Canada’s beer sector, founded in Montreal by the Molson family, and
it’s money that flows out of the province, with little in the way of economic return.
Canada has the third-largest oil reserves in the world, yet much of the oil for
Quebec and Atlantic Canada is imported. Expanding pipeline infrastructure in
Quebec and Atlantic Canada will allow us to keep the money spent on imports in
Canada, where it can help create jobs and grow the economy. Moreover, moving
oil through trucks and rails also burns more fuel and produces CO2 and also
risk of spill on the road.Thirdly,creating a pipeline is one time investment
and it creates thousands of skilled jobs and boost economy because oil moves
fast as needed.

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On the other hand, in favor of the statement, Life of North Bay residents.
Almost 55,000 people lives in that area .the TransCanada pipeline project runs
through near the trout lake which is the only one source of fresh water in that
area. Moreover, it giving drinking water, the beautiful, four kilometer by 11
kilometer lake is ringed by many homes. The pipeline keeps running along the
north of the lake through the watershed and crosses underneath the lake in the
east corner. It additionally goes through a critical groundwater
“revive” region and crosses defenseless water valley frameworks. If
any misshapen occur will ruined North Bay residents life. Secondly, the life
span of pipeline, everything has its expiry so pipeline also has expiry it
means when pipeline life span over, then how can TransCanada replaced that
largest pipeline without any spill.. Furthermore, east energy pipeline project
put 6 provinces fresh water resources on risk. Moreover, TransCanada put new pipeline
from Quebec to export terminals and refineries in New Brunswick and it joins 40
years old pipeline from Saskatchewan to Ontario which is also a risky factor. Moreover,
according to reports 6 blasts occur in 40 years old pipeline since now.
Furthermore, if any spill occurs under the ground, it will take time to
overcome that disaster because will absorbed in ground water and soil also .Lastly,
all world are passing efforts to use eco-friendly fuels or energy, so in future
crude oil industry will decreased his power and eco-friendly energy such as
solar and electric will take that place, so there is no need to spend that much
money on pipeline project.

In conclusion, according to me, energy east pipeline project is not
good, because there is a major risk to environment and people life at some
places like North Bay. Moreover, world is changing day by day and now nations
are more focused on eco-friendly energy so may be energy east will be a project
of loss in future.



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