Thoughts, to the police. In “The Old

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Thoughts, love, hate, joy, sadness, fear and even more are transmitted every day person to person thanks to stories. Stories are a kind of technology, they are a tool invented to inform, persuade and entertain us, it had existed since humanity exists, they have played an important role in our development and evolution. What happens with stories, is that often they are not so easy to understand as other ones, they tend to present a series of subliminal messages that may be difficult to get by some individuals. Within this essay, it shall be the goal to compare two of the most outstanding stories in the English literature (“The Tell-Tale Heart” and “The Old Grandfather and his Little Grandson”), taking into consideration those messages that are not so evident through them. It is important for the lecturer to have read the stories before the present essay in order to get the idea in an appropriate way, One basic similarity that both of the stories present is a shocking ending that may teach us something… as we know, in “The Tell-Tale Heart”story, the protagonist does a series of actions that are not justified, but he had a very precise plan, and he accomplished it, but suddenly, it all went down and he confessed the terrible crime he made to the police. In “The Old Grandfather and his Little Grandson” story, we do understand what is going on: just a family “discriminating” their dad because of his age and the issues that are brought with it, but suddenly, just for a child comment, the parents realised the wrong things they were doing. Their finals are all unexpected, because the protagonists have been keeping their ideas in their minds through all the story, and suddenly, it all falls apart and shows the opposite result it was wanted It is also presented, in the characters of both of the stories, the manipulation of their feelings leading them to do actions. In one hand, we have a mad person which only goal is to murder an old man (but just with exact conditions he had preorganized) just to feel satisfaction, but when he accomplished his objective, guilt destroy him and made him confess it. While in the other hand, there are some rude people whose their most disgust is to watch their dad eating, but suddenly, thanks to the comment of just a kid, they started feeling guilty, changing their minds and wanting to start over. Is the coincidence not clear enough? Both of the stories can teach us how our feelings may guide us to one side just to feel comfortable, but they can also guide us to the very opposite side we wanted to avoid. Feelings are strong, and their represent the choices and the efforts we make. If we see it in a metaphoric way, the stories may be about exactly the same thing. In one story, we see an old person abandoned in a very big house that turned into his dysfunction place, in the other one, we see an old person that was surrounded with his loved beings, but they gave no care about him, until they realise the damage they did. The first story can be a metaphor, where the protagonist, the one who kills the old person, is loneliness, because when the old person was murdered, he was scared, he wanted help but there was nobody else to acude in the house, and then, he was murdered by “someone”, who at the ends feels guilty enough to admit the crime of his life (which can make a reference to their loved ones when they found out what their lost, a very important member of the family). Another explanation of this theory, is that the protagonist affirms that he has a good hearing, which have always heard heaven and hell (which can be a reference to their dead loved ones). Nevertheless, in the other story, the loved ones of the old man recognized their mistakes and tried to make it the good way before it was too late. This could be about the same topic, but with different endings. Still there is another theory we cannot ignore, it is possible that both stories hide a very meaningful topic: the eyesore of the eld. If a person is lucky,  they will get to live the old age, to see their family grow up and enjoy the golden ages of their life, but being an elder is not that easy, being an elder also means living with any kind of diseases running through their body, and the incapacity of doing things on their own (because if they do them, they may do it wrong). Both stories can refer to how awful is being an advanced age person and how societies deal with them. In one story, it is seen how a person manages through the awful side of an elder by a murder, while in the other story, people manages the same thing by ignoring and pulling apart an elder. Both stories may be a critique to how mistreated are the people for just being alive and fighting for their lives Stories are universes that want to transmit a message or another. As people may have several thoughts and opinions, they may represent a story on their own way, according to their experiences, learnings and fears. That is why it is not possible to affirm that a story is about one topic or another, because the different points of views are really subjective. Nevertheless, there is one thing it may be taken as common in all the perspectives of people in this stories: the mistreatment of elder. If by any chance, the stories would be different, if both of the people were treated different, loved and cared by their surrounded people, probably not a bad thing would happen to any of them. As it was said once “to care of those who once cared for us is one of the highest honours”, it is important to people to be aware of what they are doing when they mistreat an elder.


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