This each of the systems work separately

This essay will describe the
importance between the respiratory and cardiovascular systems in maintaining
the body’s internal balance.

However firstly it must be
explored how each of the systems work separately before looking at their

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Respiration refers to the
processes involved in the transportation of oxygen from the atmosphere to the
body tissues and the release and transportation of carbon dioxide produced in
the tissues to the atmosphere. The respiratory system is divided up into the
upper respiratory tract which includes the nose, pharynx, larynx and trachea
and the lower respiratory tract which includes the main bronchi and lungs.        (McGowan, Jefferies,Turley 2nd
Edition 2003)

The respiratory system
contributes to what is known as the homeostasis by providing for the exchange
of gases, the intake of O2 oxygen for the delivery to body
cells and the removal of CO2 carbon dioxide produced by blood cells.
The respiratory system uses the lungs to move air through the trachea, bronchi
and bronchioles. The system also helps regulate the “potential hydrogen” pH of
body fluids.(Tortora & Derrickson 14th Edition 2014).

The Cardiovascular system
(cardio means heart and vascular means blood or blood vessels) consists of
three interrelated components blood, the heart and blood vessels, the blood
moves through the lungs using the pulmonary arteries and veins which are
connect to the heart. (Tortora & Derrickson 14th Edition 2014).
The main functions of the cardiovascular system is that the blood transports
nutrients (i.e. oxygen) from the lungs to the cells of the body and carbon
dioxide from the body cells to the lungs for exhalation. The cardiovascular
system also transports hormones to their target organs, the system also acts as
a temperature regulator between the body core and the skin.
(Fagan,Sunthareswaran 2nd Edition 2002)

Having looked at both systems
we can see how they work together and are connected by the lungs and the
immediate and direct impact the lungs have on the overall health of the body.

However sometimes these
functions can be interrupted for example if someone suffers with Chronic
Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) this can cause what is known as
respiratory acidosis. Acidosis is a process causing increased acidity in the
blood and other body tissues, when the lungs are unable to remove enough Carbon
Dioxide CO2 produced by the body, this excess CO2 causes
the PH of the blood and other body fluids to decrease making them to acidic, this
can be described as academia the state of low blood pH less than 7, this is due
to the narrowing of the airway due to the lung tissue being damaged and there
is less pull on the airways, the elastic lining of the airways flops or may be
inflamed reducing the respiratory rate. (Living with COPD British Lung
Foundation 2016)

In conclusion it is vital that
the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system work together and depend
on each other to achieve the same goal which is moving oxygen into the body and
carbon dioxide out. The cardiovascular system needs the oxygen to enable it to
pump the blood round the body while the respiratory systems supplies the oxygen
and gets it from the air into the bloodstream, so without either of the systems
they would not be able to maintain the bodies internal balance.