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The idea of David Sandler is to give control over the selling process while also taking away the buyers control of the buying process. Author shows why traditional selling methods are passed and that people love to buy but hate to be sold too. By following the seven steps below you would be able to get your prospect to sell himself. The steps are the following: bonding and rapport, up-front contract, pain, budget, qualify the decision making ability of prospect, give solution to their pain (fulfillment), stop the risk of prospect having buyers remorse (post sell). Bonding and rapport is the act of making your prospect feel good or in more appropriate terms “more okay than you”. The following can be achieved by providing the customers with strokes. A good and clear up front contract ensures improved communication and enhances the profession of selling. There are four steps to ensuring a good up front contract. Starting with “lawful object” meaning have a product to sell. Followed by “competency” aka authority to make a sale/offer and the prospect has authority to accept it. Then “consideration” which would be defined as money in our case. Lastely, “mutual consent” offering to do something in ideally solving their problem and following up. Identifying the prospects pain is the most challenging yet crucial part of Sandler. To ensure that we clearly identifying the real pain, David has instructed the use of the “pain funnel”. The eight questions in the pain funnel are the following: Tell me more about thatGive me an example; be more specificHow long has this been a problem?Have you tried any solutions?Did it work?How much has that cost you?How do you feel about that?Have you given up on trying to deal with the problem?Next, you would have to listen for money clues in the pain stage earlier described. Before discussing budget, start by reviewing the pain step with the prospect. Remind them of their pain and how much it has cost them. Most importantly don’t be afraid to talk money. Follow up by identifying the decision maker. Ask the questions “What, when, who,why” on the decision making process.  After achieving the earlier stated matters begin the fulfillment process by reviewing their conclusion and agreements. Reinstate the benefits and features of product. Finally promote the sooner they purchase the sooner their pain is relieved. Once the purchase has been made insure that the customer has no remorse by post-selling the product and interaction. Thank the customer for the purchase following up with the mutually agreed upon compromise. In conclusion, as can be interpreted from the title, you can’t learn this system from a book/seminar but it has to be applied. We all have the tendency to sell features and benefits. David Sandler elaborates on why this is a failing approach. What we really have to do is actively listen and then reiterate the buyers pain and how we can make that pain go away. The new way of selling is making the buyer convinced by their own information and point of view that they both need and want what you’re selling. 


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