The what they can to prevent this.

The United States is known worldwide for constantly choosing the side of freedom. In Cuba on the other hand, the people are repressed and the government rules in an iron fisted dictatorship. Naturally, many people in the United States would like to take the side of human rights, and help to liberate the people of Cuba (Boehner). However, despite Cuba wanting help in freeing themselves since 1959, The United States should not interfere with Cuba’s government situation. Cuba has struggled with a communist government ever since 1959 when Fidel Castro became sworn in. Since then, Fidel and Raul Castro have enforced a solely communist form of government (Cuba). Since then, the government would like to put more power into Raul Castro’s hands (The Global Spotlight). However, Castro has announced that he would like to step down from his position in 2018, and wishes to not continue his regime (Cuba). The Cuban people are aware that the government is wrong, however the government does what they can to prevent this. In 2015, just hours before president Obama landed in Cuba to discuss government with Raul Castro, Activists were being cruelly arrested at a peaceful protest (The Global Spotlight). As activist Antonio Rodiles states, “They don’t have any justification because here in Cuba, they are the law.” The Cuban government has no limits in how far they’ll go to stay in power, choosing to attack and beat protesters into silence (The Global Spotlight). Along with the severe government violence Cuban activists face, even just normal civilians have their rights affected by the government. The Cuban constitution lacks many rights for its people, including free speech and rights to a fair trial. On top of that, most of the media stations in Cuba are operated by the government, allowing for easy manipulation of the people (Cuba).The United States have recognized Cuba as a nation that does not treat its people right, but the U.S. should not get involved. In the past, the U.S. held diplomatic ties with Cuba, but as of 2016, there have been problems in maintaining a level of diplomacy between the two nations. A large part of this is Guantanamo bay, a U.S. Naval base that they refuse to give up. Politically, the Cuban government have stated their distrust towards America, and they refuse to allow international human right organizations on Cuban soil (Cuba).Overall, Cuba has a large human rights issue, but the United States should not intervene. With activist groups growing stronger and Castro planning to stop his regime, there is really no reason for America to intervene, possibly causing an unnecessary conflict.