THE VICTIMS Essay, Research Paper


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Written by Alexander Kimel & # 8211 ; Holocaust Survivor.

The Jews were a strong people that survived 2000 old ages of scattering without assimilation. Their strong

endurance mechanism was based on version to persecution. They were like a reef that bends to the

hurricane and survives, while an old tree is broken. Even their Arch-enemy, Hitler grudgingly

acknowledged this strength. In Mein Kampf Hitler wrote:

In barely any people in the universe is the inherent aptitude of self saving developed more strongly

than in the alleged & # 8220 ; chosen & # 8221 ; [ Jews ] ..What people, eventually, has gone through greater

turbulences than this one- and nevertheless issued from the mightiest calamities of world

unchanged? What boundlessly tough will to populate and continue the species speaks from these


The Jews survived until Hitler came along. What happened? Why did the endurance mechanism, that worked

so excellently for 2000 old ages, neglect? What were the tools of endurance?


The drawn-out spiritual Laws, took precedency over local secular Torahs.


The Royalty of the Torah and the Dream of Return to Zion were the symbols of a fatherland.


Military traditions were suppressed and substitutes with the credence of martyrdom.


Lack of Central Authority aid

erectile dysfunction in reacting to exigencies and autonomy.


Strong household ties and communal spirit, were necessary for endurance.


Through the ages, the Judaic religious leaders guided the version procedure, through the reading of

the Torah, therefore guaranting the endurance of the Jews as an independent group. The above is reflected in the

values stressed in Jewish Holy Eucharist, spiritual vacations and festivals. The values stressed were trueness, beauty,

difficult work, humbleness, duty and belief in the Godhead protection & # 8211 ; Israel b & # 8217 ; tach badonai- Israel is

shielded by God. Armed opposition, gallantry on the battleground, military art was pushed into the


The strong household ties, the martyrdom, the deficiency of cardinal national authorization, the societal duty ; all the

tools for endurance that worked really good for two thousand old ages, but they were a hinderance during the

Holocaust. The strong household ties hindered the organisation of a opposition, the young person could non abandon

their starvation parents to set about an armed battle and many households stayed together assisting each other

in the concluding journey of their lives. The mysterious trust on God & # 8217 ; s assist made people inactive and made them to

accept their tragic destiny. The impression of Kiddush Hashem made the martyrdom acceptable, and in add-on the

spiritual Jews believed strongly that God determines everything.