The tissue (Kei Moncada, 2016). This contain

The frame function of a human
body is known as skeletal system (Gunn,2012). It supports maintain homeostasis
in the bones of human body, there is bone marrow in the bone which creates red
blood cell and bone tissue (Kei Moncada, 2016). This contain bene
resorption osteoclast and bone forming osteoblast that will be discuss in this
poster as well as the pathology of the bone such as Rheumatoid arthritis.

Bone tissue is connective
tissue that includes phosphorous salts and many calcium. 25% of it is liquid
form like water and similar number is protein fiber which is collagen. The
remaining amount is combine of mineral salt, primarily calcium and phosphorous.
It has extraordinary strength and minimal weight. There is two type of bone
tissue which is compact bone and spongy bone. (Marieb & Hoehn, 2013)

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 Compact bone Is solid material that forms long
bone and external outward of other bones. It supplies protection and toughness
to bones. Compact bone tissue includes components named osteons (Gunn,2012). It
contains Lamella layers, which is composed of concentric rings of a matrix that
surround central canals which create blood vessels.  Its secure in the bone tissue small cave
named lacunae, its linked to each other into tunnel called by canaliculi (Marieb & Hoehn, 2013). the lacunae comprise osteocytes cells. This cell
helps uphold healthy bone and involved in the bone remodelling.

According to Gunn (2012),
Spongy bone is on the inside of a bone. It consists tinny irregularly-shaped
plate trabeculae. The trabeculae are only a few cell layers dense. The spaces
between trabeculae contain red or yellow marrow, depending on a person’s age
and on which bone it is. it is very important for producing blood cells. It is
in the ends of long bones as it shows the image figarue1.

Gunn (2012), states that Long
bones are hollow on the inside and the inner space is called the medullary
cavity. It is the open area within the adipose tissue inside the cavity stores
lipids and formed yellow marrow. He identifies that metaphysis is where the
diaphysis joins epiphysis as it the figure 1. 
It includes the epiphyseal line, remnant of cartilage from growing
bones. Long bone surrounded by two membranes on the external of the bone is
Periosteum. The internal lining is medullary cavity called Endosteum, its where
bone growth, repair and remodelling happens. Epiphysis is in the end of the
bone (figure 1). Inside of an epiphysis is where red blood cells are formed. (Glynda et
all, 2016) they state that diaphysis is
the main shaft of the long bone.  It is
composed of compact bone tissue each Epiphysis is connected to an adjacent bone
with the help of joint. The ends of bone are covered with articular cartilage
and the benefit of it is keeps the ends of the bone from grinding together when