The things that they learn, only memorize

The issue of whether the students learn enough practical skills during their education or not has been argued a lot nowadays. It is an important issue because education given to children may be one of the major aspects that will shape their future life. While some people claim that education system is good enough since it gives a lot of information to children, I do not agree with this idea because in current education system students do not use things that they learn, only memorize information and do not learn things that they need in real life.  The first reason why I think that current education system do not improve childrens practical skills is the fact that students do not use the data they acquire. They only have an income to their brains but there is no outcome. They just learn some theorems or formulas but they do not use them. Learning new information is always good. However, it will not make any sense if this information will not be used. Also, sometimes the data given by teachers is so complex that children can not use it. Difficult algoritms and formulas do not let students use them. Not using the things thst they learn do not let children improve their practical skills.  Another reason why education system spend inadequate time on learning practical skills is that children only memorize information. During the education it is important to memorize some information. However, children can not understand anything if they will only know some numbers and letters. They can lose thir abilities to think if they will not know where the formulas came from. It may be the reason for less ability in practical skills for them. Moreover memorizing something is not the best way to remember. If students will only memorize the data they probably will not remember it later if they need it. The education system which is based on memorizing may not give enough practical skills.  Finally, in this education system children do not acquire enough practical skills since they do not the things that they need in real life. Practical skills usually are the abilities that we need in our lives outside of school but students sometimes have a lack of these abilities. Schools should not only teach maths, literature or some other lessons. Their responsibility is to make students ready to adult life too. However, people sometimes think that academic information is more important. Furthermore, children may be learning the things they will never use again after the exams. Most of us will agree that maths, for instance, can develop the work of brain, but it should not be that complex that most of students will not use it. The fact that students do not learn the things that they will use in real life do not let them learn more practical skills.  To sum up, I think that education system is not adequate in teaching practical skills because students do not always benefit from the data they acquire, they only commit to memory the information and they do not acquire the information they need in real life. I think that academic education and learning new information is important too. However, learning things that will be useful n real life is much more important. So, authorities need to set some regulations about this issue.