The The public can have an effective

media is contributing to mass shootings

            After the mass shootings in Orlando and Las Vegas, and every
mass shooting that has happened in America; the media is reporting on the same
questions. Who was the shooter? What was the motive behind the shooting? What
kind of gun did the shooter use? What policy changes can the country invoke to
prevent such shootings?   But another,
more pressing issue that has begun to bubble in up in our country; the media is
contributing to these attacks through how it covers them.  

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shootings are on the rise and so is media coverage of them,” said Jennifer B. Johnston,
PhD, of Western New Mexico University (APA 2017).  Johnston goes on to say “At this point, can we
determine which came first? Is the relationship merely unidirectional: More
shootings lead to more coverage? Or is it possible that more coverage leads to
more shootings?” When the media decides to cover shootings more responsibly,
that doesn’t mean they have to censor the news or not report important events
or items that are of news value. It means the media stops providing the people
who are pulling the trigger with the notoriety they seek. The public can have an
effective news report without releasing details such as names, faces and the
type of gun used. It is a mistake for media outlets and journalists to shooters
the fame that people seek, in part because doing so can inspire copycats, they
inspire people who are looking for fame and notoriety. Zeynep Tufekci, a
University of North Carolina psychologist, and New York Times columnist has
stated that “there is fairly solid evidence that media coverage can lead to
copycat attacks.”

            When a violent act occurs, everyone wants to know who did
it and what it was like to be there, that’s the nature of a human being. The
public looks for information about the killer and why he or she decided to
attack. The public wants to know the gun used, because we as American people
and the law makers in Washington D.C. try to push their own agenda on gun
control; whether we are for or against gun control, the type of gun used can
make an argument for either of us. That’s why information about the killer and
photos and video of any attack always dominate the news so much. This is what
people want to know. This is the leverage that helps Washington D.C. persuade
the American people.  

common argument by the media outlets are that leaving information such as
weapons and names out of the news casts will be a case for the ever growing fake
news claims. If news stations don’t provide useful information about an attack,
it will only become easier for opposing people and outlets to carve out an even
bigger place to push an agenda in the conversation of fake news. 

            Unfortunately, we find that a
glaring trait among many of the individuals who have committed such inexcusable
shootings in America and around the world is their desire for fame. It is in
correspondence to the emergence of widespread and open news coverage on local
and cable news programs, and the rise in social media coverage. The media has proven
in recent weeks with coverage of all the high profile sexual harassment and
assault cases that they can come together to work for good. Through the
coverage’s of these high profile people, the media has proven they can come
together for a great cause. They have done it before, and they can do it again.
It’s time to end the detailed coverage on every shooting that gives fame to the
person who deserves it the least, and gives all the information to the person
who wants to do it again.