The Social Media? According to Labrague “Facebook

The Effects
Social Media Has on Our Lives Today

Negative Impacts of Social Media

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Should You be using Social Media? According
to Labrague “Facebook has over 1 billion users worldwide and the majority are
college kids” (Labrague,2014). According to Nations “Social Media is a form of
electronic communication that allows communicate with others and share
information, ideas, pictures, and videos” (Nations,2017). Social Media can help
you reunite with family members however there are negative impacts to social media
like the fact that social Media can lead to someone becoming depressed, it can
make you start to envy others such as family and friends, and finally social
media has created the major issue of cyberbullying.

One negative impact that occurs
when using Social Media is Social Media can lead to someone becoming depressed.

According to Labrague “The Depression Anxiety and Stress Scale (DASS) is s 42
question test that includes self- report scales and they are designed to
measure emotional states of depression, anxiety, and stress” (Labrague,2014). According
to Labrague “It was observed that the number of time spent on Facebook is associated
with increased depression and anxiety scores” (Labrague,2014). According to Labrague

Another negative impact that occurs
when Social Media is Social Media can make you envy others. According to Friedlander
“We tend to compare ourselves to others on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat”
(Friedlander,2016). According to Friedlander “It’s natural human instinct to
judge our success in life by seeing how it compares to others” (Friedlander,2016).

According to Friedlander “Psychologist Leon Festinger calls this “Social Comparison
Theory” (Friedlander,2016).According to Friedlander “She just finished grad
school and was looking for a job in magazine journalism, she decided to log
onto Facebook and she began to see posts from her classmates seeing that they
were getting jobs at large news outlets and Jamie began to question herself
because she was just as good as them they had the same credentials and for the
rest of that day she was in a slump of self-pity”(Friedlander,2016).According
to Friedlander “L’Oreal Payton went onto Facebook seeing all her friends
getting engaged. When she called and talked to her friends she sounded happy
for them but when she was by herself she would cry because she’d been in a
relationship longer and she hadn’t gotten engaged or married yet” (Friedlander,2016).

According to Friedlander “Her friend had texted her saying she just went on
Facebook and she started crying because she saw people graduating medical school,
getting engaged/married, buying a house or traveling around the world and she
started feeling like her life was at a standstill because everyone had their
lives figured out except her” (Friedlander,2016).

The final negative impact that
occurs when using Social Media is the major problem of cyberbullying. According
to Whittaker and Kowalski cyberbullying is “bullying that occurs through the
use of electronic communication technologies, such as email, text message, social
media, etc.” (Whittaker and Kowalski,2015). According to Whittaker and Kowalski
“More recently social media such as Twitter is appearing to be emerging as a
popular site for cyberbullying” (Whittaker and Kowalski,2015). According to Whittaker
and Kowalski “A study was done that said online communication no longer has to
be direct and somewhat private, it is now indirect and public” (Whittaker and

Social Media does serve one good
purpose and that is Social Media can reunite with family members. According to Mohney
“Two siblings were able to find each other after decades apart” (Mohney,2014).

According to Mohney “Susie Wilson found her older brother John Pilotte via Facebook”
(Mohney,2014). According to Fox “In November of 2011 a 13-year-old girl from
Massachusetts ran away, so her father Tony Loftis decided to look for daughter
via email, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn” (Fox,2013). According to Fox “After
a few days the story was picked up by the New York Daily News, The Boston
Herald and four TV stations and it turns out the daughter was living in Jersey
City with a sexual predator” (Fox,2013). According to Fox “Loftis and others
created a 24-page guide that showed how using social media can help to find
missing children” (Fox,2013). According to Freeman “Facebook is a good way in
tracking down people down from your past” (Freeman,2013). According to Freeman “Two
sisters from Boston were recently reunited after 72 years apart with the help
of Facebook” (Freeman,2013).


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