The Respiratory and Circulatory Systems Essay

1. Explain how the respiratory and circulative systems coordinate the supply and conveyance of O to the cells and remotion of C dioxide from the blood. ( 10 Marks ) Paragraph 1: What happens in the respiratory system?

Respiratory System: Organizing the Supply and conveyance of Oxygen

* Oxygen is inhaled through the olfactory organ or oral cavity
* Travels down through the Pharynx
* Travels down the Larynx
* Reaches the lungs and goes through the Bronchi
* Through the Bronchioles
* Then reach’s the Alveoli
* The Oxygen so leaves the lungs and is transported around the organic structure via blood vass

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* Deoxygenated blood carries the Carbon Dioxide back to the lungs
* The deoxygenated air so retraces its stairss
* Back to the Alveoli
* To the Bronchioles
* Through the Bronchi
* Through the Larynx and Pharynx
* Then eventually out of the olfactory organ or oral cavity.

Paragraph 2: Circulatory System

Blood transit

– The bosom sends blood around your organic structure. The blood provides your organic structure with the O and foods it needs. It besides carries off waste such as C dioxide. -Your bosom is kind of like a pump. The right atrium of your bosom receives de-oxygenated blood from the organic structure and pumps it through the valve to the right ventricle. back to the lungs so that it can be re-oxygenated. -The left atrium receives blood from the lungs where it is passed through another valve into the left ventricle so pumped out into the organic structure. – Blood is pumped and circulated through the organic structure via blood lieges. – An
grownup has an norm of 5 litres of blood in the organic structure ; the circulatory system carries this full measure on one complete circuit through the organic structure every minute. -It equalizes organic structure temperature and helps keep normal H2O balance.

Paragraph 3:
How is it possible? What allows it to go on?

+The Pharynx has hairs to filtrate air.
+The Trachea is lined with mucous secretion releasing cells.
+Bronchi and Bronchioles get air deep into the lungs.
+Alveoli has thin walls to let air to go through back and Forth.