The Mind Of Someone Who Uses Drugs Essay

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In the head of person who does drugs there is ever a ground to take that hit of acid, that pill of rapture, that line of coke or that bump of crystal. Justification is a powerful tool of persuasion, it? s a use tool that others can utilize on you but more normally you use on yourself. You wear? Ts have to travel to work for 10 hours and the acid trip will merely last about seven hours so every bit long as you don? T go to kip you? ll be all right. You? ll non kip for 24 hours and you? ll be cracked out as all snake pit at work but snake pit, it? s worth it.

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Most people that do drugs will state that they have great will power and merely make a drug when they know they have the clip and energy. I have heard and said that phrase so many times. The more drugs you do the less will you hold to state no and the easier it is for people to carry you to take that pill with them. Friends don? T persuade you because they want you to be? bad? like they are or any of that other dirt you see on anti-drug commercials on telecasting. Your friends want you to be at that place so that they can hold fun with you while on the drugs together..

It is by and large true that I have had most of my drug experiences with friends and it is besides true that I have made some true bonds with people while on drugs. The inquiry I use to ever inquire myself is? who are my existent friends and who were friends that I made merely because we were on a substance? . It is so easy to bond with person while on drugs, particularly ecstasy. On the drug ecstasy it? s possible to bond with person while that you have ne’er gotten along with and likely ne’er will once more. My girlfriend who I dated for about three months, while cognizing that I was homosexual, I met through drugs. Since she and I were by and large high on something at all times our relationship was wholly ( what does this intend? ? ? ? through ) and because of drugs. I have non spoken to her for over five months and if we did talk we would likely hold small involvement in each other. This is non an uncommon thing to hold happen in the drug community.

The drug community is the tightest community I have of all time seen in my life. Everyone knows everyone or at least person, through person else. There? s that game a batch of people play where you link a film star to another film star through another film star. That game can so easy be played in the drug community. I think this is why a batch of people get stuck in the drug community. I know it? s why I was stuck in it for a good trade of clip. Everyone has his or her ain piece of popularity, particularly in the rave universe. There is a common apprehension within the community, we? re all sleep togethering up our lives in some manner or another through utilizing drugs and we all have an apprehension of most if non all drugs. There? s besides a batch of sex in this community, chiefly because of rapture but besides because of the great misinterpretation of freedom and the enormous deficiency of regard for wellness and life.

This community is, every bit good, the shadiest group of people you will of all time run into In one case you will be cuddled up with your best friend and the following twenty-four hours that individual will detest you. A good illustration of this was during a turn overing party I went to, where my friend Sarah had been s

elling pills. ( I cut out some material here ) We had all been turn overing for about three hours and were holding a difficult comedown. Sarah merely had three pills left and split one with me and sold the other two. My friends who were non able to purchase more, urgently wanted to began to do phone calls to happen pills someplace else. The portion that genuinely bothered me was how one of Sarah? s and my closest friends acted. His name was Jacob and he lived in the flat in which the party had been taken topographic point. He felt that it was Sarah? s duty to salvage him a pill and he screamed at her so stormed off to his sleeping room where he spent the following hr. The pills came an hr subsequently and all of a sudden he was happy once more and non huffy. No apology, nil.

Drugs will do you lie, darnel, manipulate, persuade, and bargain. The clip that drugs are most habit-forming is the coming down clip. This is particularly bad with ecstasy and coke. When your coming down it is like a steady slide from experiencing fantastic to experiencing the worst you of all time have in your full life, both physically and mentally. For ecstasy this slide is really rough and goes up a small and beads, and up a small and beads for approximately two hours. During this period you become really dependent on the drug. You will steal even from friends verbally ( persuasion ) or physically to derive another hit or some more pulverization.

Slowly but certainly a drug user becomes more and more dependent on drugs and easy learns that they can? t unrecorded life without them. This does non intend that they are ever high. Drugs change your position on life and cause you to experience as if you have higher self-pride, you have a greater community of friends and that you fit in. This causes the user to non desire to halt and to merely desire to make more drugs more frequently taking to harder and harder drugs. This of class costs more and more money taking to more larceny.

Drugs make you experience fantastic about everything while, at the same clip you are

detesting every portion of your life. You will be rapturously happy while highly down.

You will believe you came so far in such a short clip. You? ll think you have higher self-

regard, closer friends, you? ll think you? re popular, and you? ll feel like your over approaching

all of your mistakes. You? ll non care what your household thinks since it? s your life, non theirs. You won? T attention about school since all it is is a piece of paper. You won? T attention about anything except yourself and your friends. Then one twenty-four hours, who knows when, you? ll wake up and recognize that all you have is yourself and your destructing yourself with drugs. You? ll recognize that alternatively of increasing your ego esteem you have lowered it. You can merely speak to people who use drugs because you feel no ego worth around any one else. You? ll recognize that your non popular at all and in fact you have no true friends, merely friends who feel safe around you because you? re a user and will utilize you for whatever they can. You? ll recognize that all you genuinely have is your household who you have been rending apart with hurting and concerns. You? ll realize that you will acquire no where without an instruction. You will recognize that you are easy killing yourself and hopefully you will wake up and convey yourself back to life.