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The only healthy diet is one that includes all food groups The most important thing to lead a healthy life is healthy food and in addition to that one must take care of the food he or she consumes. A food that contains a balance diet can certainly aid in maintaining healthy weight. Nutritious food can decrease different types of diseases and illnesses. This all depends on the calories each individuals intakes. The reason behind this is that some of the food consumed have the nutrients required for the body. These requirements mainly come from the five food groups; l Grain- brown and white rice, wheat flakesl Vegetables and legumes/beansl Lean meats and poultry, fish and eggsl Milk, yogurt, cheese l Fruits- bananas, apples Grains are carbohydrates in nature and play a significant role in growth and useful for providing energy. For our body to perform optimally our body demands for sufficient carbohydrates. Grains provide a plentiful health benefits, such as lowering blood cholesterol level, reducing risk of heart diseases etc. Therefore, it is necessary that an adult human being must include grains in their daily diet plans. A good example would of a bread which tends to reduce any type of heart disease and is low in sugar and fat ideal to maintain a good body shape. However, if we do not keep a record of much grains we have in our daily dietary plan then there are series of complications that a person may have to deal with. For example, oatmeal do seem to be beneficial but if eaten too much may increase risk of diabetes, intestinal blockage etc.  Furthermore, meat, fish and eggs are essential for dietary plan because they all contain protein and I cannot stress enough as to how important protein is for our health. Our body uses protein to help us develop, grow and function properly. High-protein diet sustains our blood sugar levels as well as assist muscles and bones. Moreover, Arem has clearly stated in his book that protein also enhances our mood since some of proteins we consume have amino acids that affect our condition and feelings. Nevertheless, eating too much protein can be genuinely dangerous, specially animal meat. It is said that animal meat is linked with diabetes, cancer and many more life threatening diseases. Fruits have been generally known as a key source of vitamins and minerals and preventing Vitamins deficiencies ( Vitamins C and E). Including fruits as part of your diet will not decrease chronic disease but will also reduce chances of heart disease and stroke. But, eating fruits in abundance amount does have downside such as it might cause a problem is digestive system particularly that are sensitive or those with diabetes which might create sugar imbalance for them.sThe importance of vegetables in the healthy human diet is very critical because this is the key source of nutrients that our body are designed to utilize to maintain health and growth. To name a few some of the vital vegetables are spinach, carrots and broccoli. It is necessary we must intake variety of vegetables to sustain life. Nonetheless, as a human if we are taking in variety of vegetables in order for our body to function properly then the deficit of the deficiency of there is the nutrient that we are lacking in our diet, may lead to all kinds of health issues and challenges that we face and deal with that are simply due to the lack of nutrients that these vegetables could easily provide for our bodies.  The next food diet which I am going to discuss highly debatable and a very controversial topic. On one side there are advantages but there are also very harmful disadvantages. Lets start with different types of dairy products and they are; milk, cheese, custard etc. According to Brigham and Women’s hospital study suggests that women who eat low-fairy dairy products reduce their type 2 diabetes by more than 20%. This is clearly demonstrated by Silverstone (2011). Furthermore, perhaps to maintain the bone health is the most famous benefit of drinking milk. The high amount of calcium and other essential minerals for bone density, in addition to entire proteins, are all obtainable in cow milk, that makes it an significantly dietary consideration for not only bones, but also our teeth. Getting sufficent amount of calcium over a lifetime is likely to keep your bones strong, preventing you from osteoporosis ( Bazian, 2014) Likewise, it is found that with extra levels of vitamin B and essential minerals, cow milk aid the metabolism of the human body function smoothly, and process food normally, that can regulate glucose and insulin levels. Another great thing about milk is that it is a really great source of complete protein, it has a whey and casein protein in it which if fast burning and slow burning giving you the perfect combination of muscle building proteins. Despite all the pros, as a result of consuming large amount of dairy product can lead to serious health problems. For instance cow’s milk, since it is a high fat fluid designed to turn baby calf into adult cow, suggesting it will really increase body weight. Similarly, dairy products in general have been linked with diabetes distinctly represented in Finnish (2001) study. Besides this it has known to cause cancer, harmful for our hearts and playing with our hormones.    To conclude, all the different types of food group contain essential nutrition which are all vital for health but a careful selection of food items from each group will be more beneficial for best result. For example, dairy products have calcium which are key for strong bones and not many other food groups have calcium in them. Moreover, Since different types of food groups contain different minerals and vitamins, and these substance do not only help a person grow but also limits the chances of developing diseases.   Word Count: 984                                    Reference list Australian Government, 2017. 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