The Dialogue With Alternative Medicine Research Essay

The Dialogue With Alternative Medicine Essay, Research Paper

Conventional medical specialty has little to larn from alternate medical specialty

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Suppose you catch a sudden grippe after a frenetic dark out, what would

be your first intervention? Do you hotfoot to the druggist nearby or your

physician? Or do you hold a hot bath and loosen up sipping some herbal tea and

patiently wait until your organic structure status comes to normal believing in your

natural mending power of your organic structure system? Whatever you have in your head,

alternate medical specialty is non such an foreign method as some might think.

As a affair of fact, it is really profoundly involved in our mundane life. It

varies from simple interventions such as aromatherapy to instead perplex

( and someway mysterious! ) 1s like accupuncture and hypnotherapy. It has such

a broad coverage that any method with no mention to commit

medical cognition might good be called alternate medical specialty. Alternate

medical specialty has so far longer history than conventional 1 that had

sprung from the former.

One of their differences is in their several doctrine and

methodological analysis. Conventional medical specialty is chiefly based on analytic and

positive attack toward human organic structure. Medical physicians regard a human

organic structure as a mechanism regulated by scientific jurisprudence. Human organic structure is supposed to

be measured and controlled ( without exclusion, in rule ) by scientific

method and intervention merely like any other stuff. The present medical

establishment is sustained by the strong belief in this positive

attack and philosophical attitude of mind-body dualism. It develops

itself by manner of chemical and physical experiment and anatomy: it demands

a strong grounds and

cogent evidence. Evidence, in theory, is the exclusive standard

to state the scientific discipline ( therefore conventional medical specialty ) from non-science.

On the other manus, alternate medical specialty shows wholly different attack

towards human organic structure ( and universe itself, sometimes ) . Our organic structure is regarded as

a holistic being with a strong ( or about inseparable ) connexion to

our head. Physical upsets are largely caused by the instability affecting

the whole individual. To bring around agencies to recover our balance as a whole individual

non merely physically but besides mentally. Sometimes alternate medical specialty

practicians? ? attack is grounded on functionalism- functional effects

is adequate to warrant the value of any specific intervention. In this sense

it is besides instead matter-of-fact than positive.

In malice of this apparently huge spread between the two, increasing figure of

physicians and practicians are on the move to communicate and learn from

each other. In peculiar, more and more conventional physicians are willing

to follow alternate manner for the intervention specifically stress-related

diseases such as insomnia, dyspepsia and musculus strivings etc. For case,

hypnotherapy has someway proven itself as an effectual manner to eliminate

heavy smoke wont. Besides G-Jo and acupuncuture are widely being

recognized and accepted as practical and efficient intervention for achings

and strivings.

Aside from some cardinal rationalists, most physicians wear? ? T hesitate to

admit the possibility of alternate remedy for any specific disease. Unless

they take the other as an challenger for the same market and onslaught and deny

each other strictly out of their concern involvement, it seems there are

more addition than loss in their co-operation.