The Daughter Of Time By Josephine Tey Essay

Essay, Research Paper

Josephine Tey? s The Daughter of Time is a historical novel that looks at the belief that

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Richard III, King of England, murdered his two nephews in order to keep his power. This novel besides

supports the belief that the? truth comes out through time. ? In the novel the chief character, Grant, is

concerned with what he believes is a unknown fact of whether or non the long ago King of England

was guilty. Throughout his hunt for the reply Grant discovers many history books which all tend

to see Richard in different ways. It is from these different positions of the same adult male, that one can pull

the decision that prejudice plays a major function in the cogency and credibleness of paperss and personal

histories. So what is the function and in what ways does the truth come out through clip?

As historiographers we must look at what it is that we are reading. In stating this it means we must

read between the lines. And non merely see the words but where they came from and what the author is

seeking to state. As was demonstrated in The Daughter of Time, the paperss which Grant read all

differed in the manner they viewed Richard III. This could hold been because the author? s attitudes

towards Richard were all different. For illustration, in the novel, Sir Thomas More? s and ulterior histories of

Richard III were derived from John Morton, Richard? s bitterest nut enemy. Sir Thomas? s history was

from the position of person who hated Richard and is therefor considered colored. As a historian it is

of import to recognize that some aspects of history are written with a colored sentiment and it is our occupation to

recognize which 1s can be credited and which 1s can? t.

Personal histories and paperss are frequently overlooked or considered incredible because

they can non be considered valid due to the bias sentiments of the author. As historiographers many find this

detering because they have no history of what truly happened and merely hold what can be read

from the Hagiographas of others. In the media bias plays a function in the cogency of certain things. An illustration,

merely one out of the many, where prejudice plays a function in the cre

dibility of certain events is the Matoakas

narrative. With out traveling into excessively much item it is safe to state that the Disney version was really much

altered from the existent version. Pocahontas was a moniker for? the naughty one? the misss existent name in

this fable was Matoaka. [ visit hypertext transfer protocol: // to see what is being referred to ]

If bias continues to consequence how valid certain past paperss are, the paperss which help to establish

our hereafter, than what do we as historiographers have to travel on?

When one takes The Daughter of Time and looks closely another name for girl one may

come up with is truth. The truth is what finally evolves after clip. ? The truth comes out through

clip, ? is a statement which this book The Daughter of Time demonstrated really good. It showed how

Grant found grounds to back up his belief that Richard the III was in fact inexperienced person. It took many old ages

for person to recognize this but that is the function of clip in this instance. Grant used information from

books, which had been written over clip, as a footing for his grounds to come to the decision that

Richard had no ground for killing the male child. By and large talking the truth comes out through clip in

mundane events as good. For case when kids go losing what happened to them finally

reveals itself after a period of clip. In slayings and condemnable instances the? who done it? besides takes clip to


As historiographers? prejudice? and? truth? are two words which have really of import significances. For many

the prejudice which certain histories are written by are considered really entertaining and let the reader

more penetration on what it may hold been similar, as was seen in The Daughter of Time. But at the same clip

others find it hard to separate between what you can and can non believe. Bias has a really

negative consequence on the truth. For illustration in mundane life when a hapless kid says? No, I did non steal it,

? and so another kid, a rich kid of higher position, says? yes, he did, ? the personal prejudice that you

feel can hold an consequence on who you want to believe. This in bend hinders the truth from being told.