The Crucible Reasons Innocent People Confessed To Essay

Witchcraft Essay, Research Paper

Populating in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692 during the Witchcraft Trials must had been an

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eldritch event to see. The full witchery craze started because people were

indicating fingers at each other. Innocent adult females and kids were being accused for pathetic

grounds such as cryptic book reading and holding poppets, or shred dolls, lying around the

house. The manner the judicial system operated in the 1600 & # 8217 ; s was wholly mismanaged. It let guilty

people live and guiltless people die. If one was accused they were given one of two picks,

they could either confess and live or non confess and be hanged. Therefore guiltless people that

were being accused would squeal to salvage their life, even though they were non enchantresss.

Womans that were accused of witchery could do a 3rd pick that work forces could non.

One would do this pick when they did non desire to melanize their name by acknowledging and still

wanted to populate. This pick was to pled that one was pregnant. When one made this pick their

test would be put off for several months because the higher functionaries would non desire to kill the

guiltless baby. For illustration both Sarah Good and Elizabeth Proctor did non squeal but said

they were pregnant so they were both thrown in gaol until they gave birth or the functionaries could

decidedly determine if in fact they were pregnant.

Throughout the narrative people largely considered themselves as the first precedence and they

could care less about the others in town, this meant they all looked out for merely themselves. For

this ground many of the people in Salem, whether a enchantress or non, would squeal so they could

unrecorded. They would non care that guiltless people were deceasing because they would non squeal to

witchery like the other cowards that confessed merely to populate. This was Tituba? s confession, who

was one of the first individuals to be accused. ? No, no, wear? T bent Tituba! I tell him I don? T desire

to work for him, sir. ? ( 1058 ) . With that confession she was thrown in gaol even though she

confessed to being a enchantress. On the other manus, the Sweet and guiltless Rebecca Nurse ne’er

confessed so she was hanged. Elizabeth subsequently informs Proctor that non all the accused are


like Rebecca Nurse because they have confessed. Elizabeth says, ? There be many

confessed. ? ? Who are they? ? Proctor responds. Elizabeth answers, ? There be a hundred or more,

they say. Goody Ballard is one ; Isaiah Goodkind is one. There be many. ? John inquiries,

? Rebecca? ? ? Not Rebecca. She is one pes in Heaven now ; nothing may ache her more. ?

Elizabeth replies. ( 1113 ) .

Another manner to acquire yourself out of problem was to indicate fingers at person else. If you

were accused and you merely said that you saw person else with the Devil you ne’er got thrown

in gaol or hanged. Abigail was the first to be accused of witchery, but every bit shortly as she had the

chance she accused every bit many other people as she could. At the right clip Abigail decided to

divulge about her brushs with the Devil, but instantly accused person else before the

people realized she was squealing herself. ? I want to open myself! I want the visible radiation of God, I

desire the sweet love a The nazarene! I danced for the Devil ; I saw him ; I wrote in his book ; I go back to

Jesus ; I kiss His manus. I saw Sarah Good with the Devil! I saw Goody Osburn with the Devil! I

proverb Bridget Bishop with the Devil! ? ( 1060 ) . With that she got herself off the hook and was no

longer idea of as a enchantress or bad individual. Thomas Putnam besides pointed fingers at other people

when in fact he was the existent adult male of evil. Thomas Putnam wanted people to decease so he could

take their land. Giles Corey was the adult male that found this out and presented it to the tribunal. When

they asked where he got his information from he would non state. Therefore Giles was pressed to

decease. This is another illustration of honest death and evil life.

The sheer fact that guiltless people died and guilty people lived is mind-boggling. What

makes it worse is that after they realized that all the accusals were false they tried to

compensate for the lives lost. How can you counterbalance for a dead individual, that died for no good

ground? There is no manner that can be done. Therefore the judicial system during the Salem

Enchantress Tests should of non listened to all the craze and followed along with the finger

indicating. Alternatively they should hold convicted the guilty from the start, get downing with Abigail