The bribery was not working, Kafka may

The man may be ‘before
the law’ because the law excludes or oppresses him, he not allowed in because
he is not a person with authority. He can’t have any justice due to this reason
and no amount of bribery will permit this which was grasped earlier on. It may
be a matter of who you are, no amount of riches can make this man from the
country something he isn’t, he is someone inadmissible or so he thinks maybe if
he was sure in himself and tried to enter the gate without permission it would have
showed that he was willing to do anything and worthy to enter the law. He may have
needed to show conviction hence why the bribery was not working, Kafka may have
been illustrating that to have access to the law it requires a lot of personal
strength, belief in yourself and know why it is you want to enter the law.

The man may be in a
‘pre-law’ (brainstorm) where the law is not accessible making it a meaningless
pace/journey as it’s the actual law itself that was his intended journey.

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The theme of before
the law is that everyone should be allowed access to the law but in reality, we
aren’t all given easy access, we have to go out and seek it which is why ‘a man
from the country’ asks to gain entry to the law. Justice is said to be available
to everyone however we do not know all the mysterious rules the law has hindering
us from truly knowing whether the justice system is working effectively. The
trial demonstrates how fraudulent the law can really be, Joseph K. having a
trial is the systems way of being seen as fair however he is killed a year
later on his birthday, things don’t add up which may have been Kafka showing
how much we really don’t know about the law and its procedures. The average man
must fight to receive justice, access to the law and know all the rules. The law
does not come to us unless it is to inform its laws upon us, therefore you must
go and find it. Another main theme in before the law is how finding the law can
be a lifelong journey that you spend your whole life on and not accomplish
much, the man from the country dies on his first obstacle. To conclude, Kafka’s
work is far from easy to annotate however Kafka does illustrate moral principle
in before the law as we clearly understand what he considers to be morally
incorrect –which we mostly agree with – he criticises the law and its immoral
procedures, from the bribery and corruption and how not everyone has easy
access, there are a lot of obstacles stopping us from reaching what practically
runs our daily life.