Teenage Pregnancy The IssuesThe Causes And The Essay

Teenage Pregnancy The Issues, The Causes And The Effectss Essay, Research Paper


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James Eveillard

Assignment 2: Short Story Analysis

ENC-1102, Sect. 2026

Teacher: Chris Reiss

BCC South Campus

18 February 1999


A societal militant, author, instructor, and alumnus from Queens College, Toni Cade, who subsequently changed lawfully to Toni Cade Bambara, is one of the representatives of the Afro- American authors and black socially political black militant in American history. She has made many parts to the interior metropolis particularly in her ain upbringing in Bed- Stuy, NY and Harlem where she was born, March 25, 1939. Turning up in what was so one of the roughest metropoliss she managed to win in life with her many achievements but non without the aid of her two dearest wise mans for whom she cared greatly. Miss Naomi and Miss Gladys, both whom were at that place during her adolescence to give her advice on life whether it be simple or complicated. Like in her celebrated, Gorilla My Love, she besides wrote poesy, you might acknowledge one her celebrated The Black Woman. ( Morrison108-109 ) .

Toni Cade Bambara & # 8217 ; s? The Lesson? is a short narrative about a group of immature childs in the inner-city sing what it is like when you are deprived of a universe with no bounds, which I believe is true because I have experienced it first manus myself without person their to demo it to me. Sylvia, the chief character, is being taught a lesson on favoritism and what it is like to be out of poorness and in a high category white society by Miss Moore, a stopping point but non a true friend of her parents. Her cousin known as Sugar and her friends Rosie, Giraffe, Mercedes, FlyBoy, and Junebug accompanies Sylvia. In this narrative Toni Cade starts off by saying who & # 8217 ; s who and so gets into the secret plan which takes topographic point in a plaything shop. Miss Moore takes them to the shop by cab, They head to Fith Avenue and in the cab Miss Moore tries to learn Sylvia some arithmetic as she asks her to give the cab cab driver 10 per centum of what she

James Eveillard 2

owes as a tip. After disregarding her, they all make it to the plaything shop and by this clip in the narrative Sylvia has made many ill-mannered comments about others and comes off as a tough who seems to cognize all. She hesitates to acquire into the shop because she is non familiar to her milieus and when she eventually does she makes a sap of herself as her and two of her friends autumn in the shop seeking to acquire in detecting all of the neat and expensive playthings they knew nil approximately. Miss Moore is detecting all of this along with their frenetic behaviour except for Sylvia as she seems to catch on and doesn? T want Miss Moore to take the satisfaction of seeing her act this manner cognizing where she comes from. Yet she knows nil about the lesson being taught which is the true flood tide of the narrative.

This short narrative may be short but it besides is really hard to read. It is one of those narratives some may necessitate to read one time to acquire it and others may necessitate to

expression over it several times before they get the chief thought. I believe it besides has much to make with stereotype every bit good as the fact that it has to make with money and the power the upper and even in-between category posses. I say this because in this short narrative Sylvia stereotypes many characters in this narrative for illustration she states that Miss Moore is a dissembler with crisp hair. She besides claims that she is excessively black in skin tone to state she is every bit black as knight. She besides criticizes Aunt Gretchen as she says she is kind of a dense fathead that is the type of individual you would direct to make some folly. Let us non bury the mode in which she starts the beginning of the lesson as she claims everyone to be as old and stupid or immature and foolish, and yet the sarcasm of it is she was the foolish looking of them all along with her friends as compared to the upper and in-between category whites non populating in the ghetto as she did. They stereotype to her as she did to others. But the true significance in my position point is that Miss Moore wants them to see what they are losing out on and what they are being deprived of. Miss Moore wants them to go angry for non cognizing nil of what the upper and in-between category citizens can hold as to

James Eveillard 3

what she can? t. Therefore giving them the sense to make something about it and slightly in a manner seeking to press

them to go political militants of some kind to assist others like her to acquire an equal chance at holding such playthings and ware.

This short narrative I believe is kind of mediocre to state the least. I feel that many lower category and in-between category citizens experience the subject in this narrative in our coevals. For illustration as I came to Florida for the first clip when I was approximately four or five, for the first clip I had seen tonss and tonss of green grass unlike Brooklyn which is where I grew up most of my life. Similar to the portion in the narrative when Sylvia and her friends had seen playthings they had thought as gold. They besides get into facets to which they compare what they could acquire at place as to if they were to purchase the plaything. For illustration Sylvia explains in the narrative how her female parent would reiterate and look at her queerly if she of all time was to buy such a plaything boat. She explains in the narrative how the money could travel to something more utile than passing it on a plaything.



I. Intro

A.Personal quote/Reflective of personal experience


II. Pregnancy Ratess

A. Difference between late 80 & # 8217 ; s to late 90 & # 8217 ; s

1. adolescent gestation Numberss

2. Social credence

III. Teens Issues

A. Having the babe

1. Deciding if holding the babe is the right pick for the persons

a. Boys parents point of position

B. Girls parents point of position

B. Financial Issues

1. Funding for the babe

a. before/ during gestation

b. after pregnancy/ babe & # 8217 ; s life support

C. Social Association

1. Credence by parents

2. Balancing Baby and School

IV. Duties

A. Ma and Baby

B. Dad and Baby

C. Accepting fiscal duty

1. Sacrafices on both terminals

2. Looking towards babe & # 8217 ; s hereafter

V. Outro

A. Rephrase thesis

B Summarize Themes

1. Teen issues

C. Clintcher

1. Final idea on issue

& # 8220 ; Bing a adolescent female parent has had a great impact on my life. & # 8221 ; It has truly

made my mentality on the future alteration. Now that I & # 8217 ; ve became a parent I non

merely have to worry about my hereafter but my babe & # 8217 ; s future mentality. Before I

got pregnant I wasn & # 8217 ; t truly fetching school serious and merely sing

college but now things have changed. My classs have gone up and I now

hold began to be after for the hereafter. In analyzing the issue of teenage

gestation in the 90 & # 8217 ; s it becomes apparent that adolescent gestation rates are on

the rise, teens covering with gestation have issues, and there are several

responsibilites involved in adolescent gestation. I know that I have to take

attention of me and my babe even if it takes traveling to school and working at the

same clip, that & # 8217 ; s merely one of the responsibilites that comes with being a

parent. There have been alot of things that I have sacrificed merely for my

babe, and I know there will be more to come.

The statics have proven that the birth rate has steadily declined from

1991 to 1996 with an overall lessening of 12 per centum for those aged 15 to 19.

These recent diminutions reverse the 24 per centum rise in the adolescent birth rate

from 1986 to 1991. The birth rate for black teens 15 to 19 fell 21 per centum

between 1991 to 1996. The rate of gestation has dual since the early

60 & # 8217 ; s. In those times being pregnant and a adolescent was considerd to be a

discrace to you and your household.

The descion of holding a babe is really of import and should be thought

about carefully. There is a great duty that comes with being a parent

that you must see and be willing to accept. Because of that great

responsibiliity most teens find themselves holding and abortion or sing

acceptance. You will aslo happen that most adolescent gestation & # 8217 ; s are hidden from

there parents. Sometimes it & # 8217 ; s the immature adult male & # 8217 ; s household who is the most disquieted

about the pregancy. Becomming a male parent excessively shortly can damage their boy & # 8217 ; s

opportunities of making his calling ends. This is non what they wanted for him.

Some parents althought dissappointed, will supply excess support for

their boy at this clip, cognizing that this is the best manner to assist him go

independent every bit shortly as possible. Her parents might respond in many different

ways. Most are shocked, many are unhappy, and some blame themselves

for leting this to go on. In fact many parents of pregnant adolescent female parents

experience existent heartache about gestation in which they feel will take away their

girl & # 8217 ; s childhood.

Bing able to take attention of a babe fiscal is something that you must

program for. Medical attention during the gestation is expensive. A pregnant

adolescent may measure up for medical attention under her household & # 8217 ; s wellness program. In some

provinces, if you don & # 8217 ; Ts have wellness insurance you may be eligible for Medicaid.

Taking attention of the babe after it is born requires alot of money. The monetary value for

a 32oz can of milk is $ 5.00. For a battalion of pampers that merely holds 48 will

cost about $ 7.00. The milk will merely last about two yearss until you have to travel

purchase more and the pampers may last a hebdomad. If you total the sum you

spend on milk in one hebdomad in will number to be $ 10.00 a hebdomad and $ 35.00 a

month for pampers. If you buy apparels for the babe that & # 8217 ; s another $ 150.00

evey month because a babe grows out of fabrics so fast

Rearing a kid is one of the hardest and most rewarding undertaking one

must face. Geting pregnant before before she & # 8217 ; s ready alterations a adult females

life. It aslo changes the male parents life. some adolescent male parents in bent there if they

choose to support and portion in the attention of their kid. They aslo face

adversity and broken dreams merely as thier babe & # 8217 ; s female parent does. She & # 8217 ; s the

individual that the babe will largely trust on for nutrient, heat and love. The love

from a female parent to a babe is something that is so beautiful. But most frequently the

female parent of the kid is left to take the full duty of the female parent and the

male parent. A male parents responsibilty is to take attention of the babe and female parent he is to

supply them with anything they need. The male parents occupation is to besides love the

babe and attention for the babe. Most twosomes split up because he feels the

duty is to much for him to manage so he leaves her stuck with the full


Bing a parent sometimes means that you have to do forfeits on

both ends. You may frequently hold to give being able to travel purchase a new auto

or sometimes non eating merely so that your babe can eat. Becasue the kids

are the hereafter and expression to you for support there needs must come foremost.

Bing a parent will frequently intend that you will hold to set at that place needs before


Teenage gestation is traveling up every twelvemonth and must be taken earnestly

amoung the young person. There are several issues that must be consider before

holding sex and parents are non informing at that place kids on sex and the

duty of holding safe sex. In decision teens must truly believe about

the consquences before holding sex. They must believe about if they are truly

ready to take the full duty of being a parent. It & # 8217 ; s non easy but you

have to do the pick and merely the adolescent can do the descion whether to

hold sex or non. Even if a adolescent is consider sex they should speak about taking

safeguards like birth control. There are many methods of birth control but

no sex is the best sex.

To all the parents with childern please allow them cognize that sex is non a

game. That sex is something that two people who love each do to demo the

fondness towards each other. Parents need to get down speaking about sex to there

kids and halt thought about the topic as a out subject to ne’er be

reference. To rear the more you wait the greater hazard your kid takes.