Teen Sexuality Essay Research Paper In our

Adolescent Sexuality Essay, Research Paper

In our invariably developing society, it is non surprising to observe that striplings & # 8217 ; sexual attitudes and behaviors have greatly changed within the past two decennaries. Darling, Kallen & A ; VanDusen, ( 1984 ) in their survey of college pupils found a major addition in the figure of immature people describing to hold had sexual intercourse. They besides found that college age females, who were one time thought to be less sexually active than college age males, were now merely as sexually active. In Canadian informations from university surveies, a dramatic rise from 1967 to 1979 in the per centum of pupils who had experienced prenuptial intercourse was shown ( Fitzhonly & A ; Whiteside, 1984 ) . These findings of increased promiscuousness among striplings necessarily evoke a strong sense of wonder and raise the inquiry: & # 8220 ; which factors have been the most influential in respects to increased teenage promiscuousness & # 8221 ; ? Today, non merely are at that place more young persons who are sexually active but research shows that the bulk of them do non utilize preventives on a regular footing ( Chng, 1983 ) . The grounds behind this deficiency of birth control usage are every bit of import as the addition in sexual activity for the job of unwanted gestation among the immature in society is unusually prevailing and continually on the rise ( Cohan, 1983 ) .

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The grounds behind striplings prosecuting in sexual intercourse so early in life are extended and yet it becomes progressively apparent that cultural alterations within our society have played the individual most influential function in this country. Society & # 8217 ; s attitudes towards sex have dramatically changed in the past two decennaries and this has straight influenced sexual activity among our young person but throughout all of society as good. Today, sex is exploited throughout the media in an effort to increase concern gross. By providing to our footing sexual desires the media can easy pull strings and conform the attitudes and actions of its frequenters. The young person of today seem to be the most easy manipulated group by sexual propaganda due to their conformist exposure. Young people have no pick but to cover with other & # 8217 ; s thoughts about gender before they have been able to organize their ain sentiments and beliefs. This liberalisation is non needfully bad in itself but instead it is sexual development coupled with a deficiency of quality instruction that creates unhealthy attitudes and beliefs about sex within the heads of our young person.

As a consequence of this extended and powerful media, society has an increasing sum of influence in our kids & # 8217 ; s determination devising than it did in the yesteryear. In the yesteryear, the Church used to put the moral codification which parents so enforced. Today, teens listen to their equals and the media much more than to their parents or spiritual associations ( Carlson, 1985 ) . Therefore, in a society where attitudes are strongly influenced and even controlled by the sexually implicative powers of the media it is no admiration that sexual intercourse is progressively prevailing among our adolescent population.

Social ends such as money and power have besides had an tremendous consequence on the household construction. The increasing figure of double income households is straight proportionate to the lessening in parent/child clip sharing. Besides, the prevalence of divorce sometimes makes the household unit one of the most unstable forces in an stripling & # 8217 ; s life. The stating & # 8220 ; do as I say, non as I do & # 8221 ; may be a common criterion in many places ( Darling, et al. , 1984 ) . As a consequence of these factors that negatively consequence parent/child interaction, kids frequently lose out on positive function theoretical accounts who they can turn to with inquiries or jobs. Rather, many have no pick but to speak with their friends about sexual affairs or remain in the dark in the country of gender. It is an unfortunate world that when young persons do turn to their equals about sex, the message they receive is frequently really clear yet awfully misguided: sex is an expected and recognized portion of any relationship.

In fact, Darling et Al. ( 1984 ) found that striplings thought they underwent a distinguishable position alteration one time they were no longer a virgin. Attitudes towards intercourse itself have changed as sexual activity additions and there is a noticeable lessening in sexual guilt, particularly among females ( Hendrick, Hendrick, Slapion-Foote, & A ; Foote, 1985 ) . As antecedently stated, when striplings turn to each other for sex instruction much of the information they receive is false, they become sexually educated by myths and misconceptions generated within society. It may be because of the deficiency of accurate information adolesce

National Trusts receive about sex that causes them to be experiment themselves in hunt of the truth. I believe this experimentation may take topographic point early for many young persons because society has built up the construct of sex to be larger than life, and no 1 wants to lose out on anything so fantastic. Society has created the unhealthy impression that sex is an expected norm at any age or at any phase in a relationship.

Unfortunately, adolescents use of preventives is non lifting in proportion to their addition in sexual activity ( Fisher, 1983 ) . Erotophobia, or a fright of sex, is said to be a major psychological barrier to utilizing prophylactic methods. The deficiency of preventive usage is due to many factors. First, preventives must be purchased and frequently affect physician audience. Therefore, deficiency of money, fear and/or embarrassment all can play extremely influential functions in detering one from utilizing an effectual preventive method. Second, one must be educated on how to to utilize a preventive. Third, the usage of a preventive should be discussed by the twosome and this poses an component of fright or embarrassment that may besides forestall one from utilizing birth control.

Santrock, ( 1987 ) describes personality factors that add to one & # 8217 ; s inability to utilize protection. Some of these include seeing oneself as sexually active, feeling incompetent, dying or holding negative positions of preventives. Many of these adolescents can non see themselves as of all time holding sex, or if they have already, ne’er once more. As a consequence of sexual rejection, from fright or otherwise, one ne’er plans on prosecuting in sex and therefore does non prosecute in preplanned protection. This construct was supported in a survey by Fisher, ( 1983 ) as an erotophobic adult male reported holding unprotected intercourse when he told the research worker he had ne’er intended to prosecute in any act of sexual activity whatsoever. This survey besides found a connexion between the individual & # 8217 ; s fright of sex and their being excessively embarrassed to discourse protective methods. Therefore, many teens frequently have jobs speaking about preventives which may, in bend, consequence in a deficiency of a proper apprehension about gestation hazards. It was besides found that many young persons would non inquire for protection even if it was readily available. Therefore, many of the other possible grounds for adolescents non utilizing preventives may originally stem from this fright of sex.

The societal impression that the young person holds of being & # 8220 ; untouchable & # 8221 ; and that nil can of all time go on to them may happen because they will non acknowledge to being sexually active. The handiness of preventives and sex instruction besides may non work unless the adolescent is helped to get the better of their anxiousness about the subject foremost. These teens may besides see those who do non take duty for their sexual behavior as being moral. Erotophobia must be viewed as a job among adolescents and if it can be overcome it may increase their usage of preventives and therefore cut down the rise of teenage gestation.

The job of early intercourse within the stripling old ages has been shown to be a consequence of the society in which these young persons are turning up in. Uneducated sexual experimentation may take to a higher degree of erotophobic adolescents who are inconsistent or negligent in their usage of preventives. Therefore, the solution to cut downing the job of teenage gestation must be within the society as a whole in the signifier of instruction, prophylactic handiness and media influence. As Darling, Kallen & A ; VanDusen, ( 1984 ) put it, & # 8220 ; sexual behavior is societal behavior regulated by society and learned through the socialisation procedure & # 8221 ; . The attitudes reflected in our society are going more and more accepting of sexual stereotypes, sexual development and most significantly adolescent sex. Besides, due to a changeless dislocation of the household unit, there is a lessening in parent/child communicating and clip sharing which consequences in a deficiency of sex instruction within the place. This, in bend, places the duty for sex instruction on the shoulders of our school boards which do non ever supply adequate or appropriate instruction. All of these factors working jointly fail to cut down the battle against the addition in adolescent gestation. This is a major concern within society for the figure of teens holding intercourse responsibly is non diminishing and the figure of kids holding kids is on the rise. This job can merely be lessened if we can all work to educate our kids and seek to instil in them a sense of duty through loving, understanding and clip.


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