Tankers under the sub categories as follows.

Tankers are
playing major role in the entire global marine cargo operation. These help the
world to maintain the continuity of the commercial and industrial operations by
transporting bulk commodities and materials across the world.

There are
various types of tankers used in oceanic cargo transportation. Product Tankers are
playing major role among them. Generally these tankers are smaller than the
crude oil tankers and their DW < 70,000. These have no structural elements inside the cargo space (double skin). These are provided with a segregated cargo system including a submersible pump and its own cargo line to the manifold, on deck. (Product Tanker) The Tankers can be identified under the sub categories as follows. ü  Chemical tankers These chemical tankers are carrying the various forms of chemicals which require specific designs to maintain the consistency of the chemicals that are being carried. Different types of coatings made of different substances are applied on them to identify easily. These are carrying different types of chemical products simultaneously. The tanks of these are completely made of stainless steel or stainless steel is coated in it. All these tanks are having its' own loading and unloading system with separate pumps and piping systems. ü  Wine tankers Transporting wine has become quite simpler and modern because it doesn't require much harder and protected tankers. They are mainly used to transport wine to their destinations. ü  Juice tankers These are mainly used carry orange juice in mass Quantities. Carlos Fischer, the Brazilian juice tanker is one of the biggest juice tanker that operates currently. ü  Hydrogen tankers Same as the name mentions, these hydrogen tankers are used to carry liquefied hydrogen gas. ü  Petrochemical tankers They carry refined products that derived from crude oil which can be classified in to main two categories as follow ü  White products (Diesel oil, gasoline, jet fuels, kerosene, lube oils, etc.) ü  Black products (fuel oils, residual products) (British Liberty – Product Tanker) (Fure Nord – Product Tanker) (High Endeavour – Product Tanker)

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