Talking primary role of the private sector


The previous UN Sectary
General Ban KI Moon had emphasized on SDGs and had mentioned that the UN is
relying on the private sectors towards success. SDG’s will improve the
environment for doing business and build future markets.

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The SDGs highlight a more
detailed approach as compared to their predecessors, the Millennium Development
Goals (MDGs). SDGs have set a milestone to transform the global development
landscape over the next 15 years.

The growth of the business from
the view of SDGs has excellent opportunities and challenges at the same time
such as:

Benefiting from the private sector in relation
to financing, technology, and skills, would be of great support to the SDGs,
where on the other hand having high expectation from the private sector is a
challenge on its own. 

The uncertainty of the civil society towards
the role of the private sector is not new for any of us, and It will take its
own time to establish.


Presently, productive
interaction between the civil society and the private sector can be witnessed.
Early engagement of the two can further improve the relationship and have a
tremendous positive impact on the community.

The primary role of the
private sector now is to move swiftly towards new developmental framework which
does not limit itself to technology and other goods and services, but rather
contributes more constructively to SDGs and its outcomes.

The implementation of SDGs has
elevated fast, since its inception in 2015 
and has come to notice of many businesses. The idea of SDGs has now
evolved around businesses and focuses on two elements, ‘business case to be
engaged in SDGs’ and ‘partnership role for the private sector.’


Both of these elements have
their challenges; ‘Business case’ which look towards the SDGs as commercial
benefit between business and society interests and secondly, emphasizing on the
partnership role of the private sector within the UN-led 2030 agenda.

Three recommendations on
meaningful engagements of the private sectors in the SDGs are as following:

The private sector should initiate from areas
where the impact is much more effective. 
This would then require mapping and assessment of the direct and
non-direct effects of SDGs. While implementing the SDG agenda, stakeholders should
be sure of not putting a negative image and cause unnecessary problems for


The greater effect would require one to work
beyond their comfort zone and work towards a more collectively driven


The private sector should think more openly and
transform its way of engaging in work, even if requires challenging the
economic framework which has been there since sometime in the private sectors.

The SDGs provide an excellent
vision for the future. A world free of poverty and injustice and a healthy
planet is the key towards prosperity for the future generation. The civil
society has to play a vital role in the implementation of the SDGs mainly as
the accountable gadget for the private sector, working towards one goal.


Civil society would always
have the upper hand, and it has to ensure that challenges are addressed
constructively. Shaping the private sector in collaboration with UN-led SDGs is
of great importance especially for a vast and poverty-ridden province such as
Balochistan. Alliance of the civil society and private partners will be most
crucial for an SDG’s to be most effective towards achieving target goals for
the welfare of the local community and beneficiaries.




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