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Table – 6 shows the top 10 different types of source titles. The most prolific and highly rankedjournal comes out to be the Acta Crystallography section E structure reports online journal with954 papers. The second followed Indian journal Chemistry multidisciplinary with 251. The thirdranked journal title is Materials science multidisciplinary with 179 papers published. Journal ofChemistry organic 167 papers and Physics applied published 120 papers.SCImago Journal & Country Rank is a publicly available portal that includes the journalsand country scientific indicators developed from the information contained in the Scopusdatabase. The journal rank developed by SCImago from the widely known algorithm GooglePage Rank. This indicator shows the visibility of the journals contained in the Scopus databasefrom 1996.Based this result the h index of above source titles the highest h index source title isJournal of Crystal Growth h 125 next followed European journal of Medical Chemistry h 119.The Indian journal title Current Science is the highest one that is h 93.The h index is one of the criteria for journal recognition and article quality and citations,because the articles are not cited anywhere or any research it shows the quality of paper..9. FindingsThe study observed the major findings that are1. The study identified that Mangalore University researchers big communication media isJournal articles (2702), next followed proceeding paper (70) and other.2. Gowda B T is the top ranked publication with 537 publications next followed by Foro S,with 323 publications. Fuess H has published 311 papers.3. The Mangalore University researchers around 50 % papers are collaboration works.4. Highly papers published Year 2007 around 320 papers are published5. The highest document published research area is Crystallography and Chemistry subjects.6. The Mangalore University researcher published 1122 papers under funding agenciesgrant.7. The highest funded institution is UGC fund with 270 papers.8. The Universiti Sains Malaysia funded 70 papers.9. The Mangalore University researcher’s communication media journal is ActaCrystallographica Section E Structure Reports Online with 954 articles.10. The highest h index source title is Journal of Crystal Growth h 125, 37 papers arepublished in this title.10. SuggestionThe study finds some suggestion based on the result. This result will help the University andUniversity decision makers.a) Mangalore University research publication output year wise declined so universityauthority to cross check the reasons for declining.b) University authorities create awareness to less published subject researchers.c) University librarians develop a database of University research community and share theresearch journal titles and database information.d) To create awareness of peer reviewed journal publications.e) University Library to develop a database of National and International Journal titlescovered by the Web of Science or other databases and to disseminate to all thedepartment researchers for research publication activity.f) University Librarian conducts regular awareness program related to journal publicationand other aspects to all the department researchers.g) The university authority to provide good infrastructure facility to researchers.h) Social science research scholar published in local journals, so university to advise andprovide a UGC recommended journal list to the researcher for publication.i) The University authority to mandate the research publication to publish in peer reviewedand international database covered journal titles.11. ConclusionAny type of research it is actually a reflection of the demand and desire of the intellectualbrains. The basic objective of the study is to present the scientific publication of MangaloreUniversity. A total of 2816 publications are published during 1989-2016. Crystallographysubject research works are highest with 957 papers. The study also reveals that the highestpapers published by the Chemistry department compare to other departments. This type of studyenables the University, and authors for betterment. It also helps the policy makers andadministrators understand the growth, development and impact of research in a specific field ofstudy. It also helps to know the University and individual scientists who are active in a particularfield of research activity. In total this study enables the decision makers and administrators tonecessary step and appropriate measures for total development of the Institution.References:1) Somashekara, Y L., Jagadeesh, B M., ; Mariswamy, C. 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