Swimmer By John Cheever Essay Research Paper

Swimmer By John Cheever Essay, Research Paper

In the short narrative? The Swimmer? , John Cheever uses symbolism rather frequently.

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It is used to uncover the subject and demo imagination. We will reflect on this short

narrative and analyse the symbolism Cheever is most noteworthy for. The narrative takes

topographic point in a really affluent vicinity where about everyone has a pool. Not your

mean above land pool, but tremendous in-ground pools, some fed by watercourses.

One hot summer twenty-four hours a adult male named Neddy Merrill was swimming at the Westerhazy? s

pool, ? Neddy Merrill sat by the green H2O, one manus in it, one around a

glass of gin? ( 369 ) He is described as a slender adult male, a adult male of young person even

though he is non immature. ? He might be described as a summers twenty-four hours? ? ( 369 )

Cheever compares Needy to a summer? s twenty-four hours to demo Needy as a warm, sporty

individual, without a attention in the universe. Neddy decides he is traveling to seek and swim

to his house 8 stat mis off in Bullet Park. He feels the? twine of swimming

pools? ( 369 ) can take him home. ? Making his manner place by this uncommon path

gave him the feeling that he was a pilgrim, an adventurer, a adult male with a fate?

( 370 ) In no manner is he any of these things, but he thinks that to do himself

experience more interesting. On his was place he knew he would see many friends and

didn? T want to be slowed down by conversation so he would hold to be slick and

steal off whenever he got tied up. It seems as though everyone was holding

R / & gt ;

friends over, he was offered many drinks. He swam half manner place and he already

had 4 or 5. ? He felt tired, clean, and pleased at the minute to be entirely,

pleased with everything. ? ( 370 ) Along his journey he noticed some strange

things traveling on, the Lindley? s siting ring was overgrown with grass, and the

Welchers have moved off. Neddy fails to retrieve them of all time go forthing. ? Was his

memory neglecting him or had he so disciplined it in the repression of unpleasant

facts that he damaged the sense of the truth. ? ( 372 ) Further down along the

trip he notices more and more things out of the ordinary, thing he doesn? T

remember. Mrs. Hakbran said, ? we? ve been awfully regretful about all your

bad lucks? ( 374 ) She spoke of him selling the house and his troubled

kids. He did non understand, ? was he losing his memory or was his gift for

hiding painful facts let him bury he had sold the house or that his

kids are in problem? ? ( 374 ) After running into his old kept woman and a

really ill-mannered Grace Biswanger, Neddy eventually returned place. He noticed all the

visible radiations were out. The garage was locked and the door grip was rusty. He banged

on the door but there was no reply, he looked in the window and the topographic point was

empty. He should hold seen it coming but he evidently didn? t gimmick on. It

seems as though that he had hid the unpleasant worlds of life from his head

that he had forgotten the last few old ages of his life.