Stephen at the Charlotte Christian High School.

Stephen Curry was born on March 14,1988 in Akron, Ohio, but mainly grew up in Charlotte,North Carolina. His father is an american professional basketball player, and his mother plays volleyball in Virginia.        His parents are Sonya, and Dell. Sonya was born on May 30, 1964 She is now 51 years old, and she is an American. They have three children, Stephen, Seth, and Sydel. Dell was born on June 25, 1964. He is now 53 years old. When Curry was a child they lived in Charlotte, North Carolina. He attends school at the Charlotte Christian High School. His father played for the Cleveland Cavaliers. At the time of Stephens birth, he became a member of the Charlotte Homet In Charlotte, North Carolina, Stephen spent most of his childhood there. His father use to take both him and his brother to his practice sessions. He started his first job and he was recruited by college coaches immediately. Other jobs were teaching people to shoot hoops and how to handle the ball to score.He married his college sweetheart, Ayesha, on July 2011. One year later they had their first child, a daughter named Riley and then Ryan Carson. Stephen lived in North Carolina. He also traveled out of the United States, and Raleigh, Asheville, Atlanta, and Concord.He still cares about the residents back home. He experienced their disappointments and heartbreak of the death of a  black man at the hands of police. He follows every little thing about his hometown of Charlotte.He become a national star in March of his sophomore year in college,   He carried the Wildcats to a win in the Regional NCAA tournament and he is a outstanding athlete. His road to the NBA has not been an easy for him.He meet very important successful athletes including Serena Williams, Shonda Rhimes, and Somel Jackson.He now lives in Walnut Creek,California, and  is 29 years old.He  is still  being recruited by college coaches. He is a two time champion and one of the best shooters in NBA history. The Golden State Warriors are proud of their movement to stop bullying, hate, and violence for all people