Solar to a factory, then they will

Solar cells contain two semiconductors which are  P-type semiconductor and an N-type semiconductor. The P-type semiconductor need “+” holes and N-type semiconductor need  “-” electrons to collected sunlight energy turn it into DC electricity When sunlight hits the solar panels, “+” holes and  “-” electrons will collect energy for P-type semiconductor and N-type semiconductor and turn it into DC electricity. In order for that electricity to be used at our home for examples, the solar panels have to be connected to the power conditioner which it’s the only role is to turn DC electricity from the solar panel into AC electricity. The power conditioner is also connected to the distribution board which connects every object that needs electricity and travels the electricity to that object.Oil is most found underground in the Reservoir. After dining, the oil will be taken to a factory, then they will be put in a boiler and boiled the water until it creates steam. The steam from the boiled water will start the propellers.When the turbine is spinning, the generator wline are all connected to each other.It start to generate electricity. After the electricity is produced, it will go through a transformer. A transformer is a device that electricity travel from circuits to circuits. And finally, the electricity will travel from one house to other by powerline. The boiler, turbine, generator, transformer, and power are all connectedAfter mining, the coal will be taken into a factory where they convert into electricity. Frist the coal will be milled or crush into little pieces because they will burn quicker. The coal will be combusted to boil the water for it to turn into steam, but since coal is the most used resource in fossil fuels which is 60%, the factory needs to have five to ten pollution control on the top of the factory for exhaust gases. So, after the water is heated and turn into steam, it will make the turbine start spinning and grater start working, then transformer turn it into electricity and pass to houses by power line.The turbine will use the wind to to make the blade rotate. If the rotation is a slow speed, the gearbox will help increase the rotation speed. Then that rotational energy will go through the generator which is going to create electricity which then will pass through the transformer and to the breaker and lastly to the power line.First people will start drilling underground until they found hot steam. After finding it,  a geothermal power plant will be placed. The hot steam from underground will genatret the turbine. The turbine will generate the generator which then turn into electricity.