Rutwhij learner and always eager to put

Rutwhij joined Tata Technologies Ltd., Pune in July 2015. We worked together as a team on benchmarking projects and   Full Vehicle Development program, where I worked as a consultant since 2010. As there were multiple projects ongoing with strict deadlines I was assigned to give him On-the-job training (OJT). During this training period, I saw a dynamic professional in making. He is a first class graduate and one of the most remarkable engineers who has worked with me.

Rutwhij was a member of a team which I led in different projects and specifically worked in all major phases. I found him to be exceptionally well in understanding construction and functioning of various systems in a machine with a special reference to its costing and sourcing. He has been a very valuable asset to the team. He is a quick learner and always eager to put his ideas into practice. I found him very helpful during the closing phases of projects as he was keen on meeting the targets including the timeline. He has always completed his work on time without compromising quality. This good record of job gave others stakeholders confidence, and never hesitated with his deliverables. He is a hard-working individual and always ready to put extra effort into his work to make any project successful. I remember him toiling on holidays till mid-night during his probation period.

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Rutwhij has undergone rigorous internal training programs and completely aware of the interdependency of different department within the Line of Businesses (LoB). He has been one of the most demanded resources and hence worked in three different departments – Teardown and Benchmarking, Costing and Sourcing – in Tata Technologies Ltd. to meet set goals. Because of which he has been part of the including projects such as costing of Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery (THCM) Backhoe Loader and   full vehicle development program which includes projects like Testing & Quality in Service (QIS) for B segment vehicle for suitability with Indian road conditions and Easy to repair study of A, B & C segment cars in Service for PSA Peugeot Citroën. His contribution has been cherished throughout all projects. 


Overall, Rutwhij is a conscientious and self-motivated person. I found him exploiting training imparted by me during different projects with commendable results. I am more than sure that he will be a very valuable asset to your  institution. I further with no hesitation recommend him for master’s program at your deemed institute along with possible financial aid and assistantship.