Rugby England in 1871 by the clubs.

Rugby union is a contact team sport which originated in
England in the first half of the 19th century and commonly referred to as  rugby, It incorporates twenty-one English clubs.
In 1871 these twenty-one clubs of rugby decided that their sport needed an
administrative body. So, the Rugby Football Union (RFU) was founded in London,
England in 1871 by the clubs.

football union (RFU) is the governing body of twenty-one English clubs, which
organizes the Six Nations Championship featuring teams from England, Scotland,
Wales, Italy, Ireland and France. RFU not only manages the England Rugby but
also promotes rugby at all levels. It has to administer every aspect of the
game very efficiently to drive fan engagement. RFU wanted to increase interest
in rugby by increasing understanding of the game and improving fan experience
through a platform. The organization needed a way to represent the tactical
complexity of the sport in a way that was both insightful for knowledgeable
fans and engaging the newcomers to the game. Data analytics provided by official partner IBM to the RFU  allows fans using the IBM TryTracker tool to
gain insights into the game.

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of RFU is to maximize profits from international ticket sales and vending to
support those volunteers who perform all the duties to keep clubs operating.

To succeed in it’s
complicated mission, RFU entered into a five-year deal with IBM, worked with IBM to create TryTracker. IBM TryTracker
is a predictive analytics solution that provides real-time statistics and
data visualization to increase fans and facilitate players.


IBM TryTracker not only tracks tries but also visually
represents momentum, keys to the game and the player influence in real time along
with the live commentary by using predictive analytics to educate and
engage with users.

As an additional way of cultivating
customers, RFU may also improve coaching and game performance by using the data
collected by Opta and the analytics developed by IBM. To develop a customer
relationship management IBM is also helping the RFU.