Romeo Juliet An E Ticket Ride Essay

Romeo + Juliet: An Tocopherol Ticket Ride Essay, Research Paper

Romeo + Juliet: An Tocopherol Ticket Ride

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The new release of Romeo and Juliet is merriment, fast and exciting to watch.

It is a slick cinematic rendering of Shakespeare & # 8217 ; s work brought to the screen

for modern-day movie-goers. There is something for everyone in this film. A

dateless narrative, a dynamic dramatis personae, a hip soundtrack, great sets and costumes and

plentifulness of action. From the get downing the audience is told, & # 8221 ; clasp up, this

Romeo and Juliet drive is traveling to be like no other Shakespeare you & # 8217 ; ve of all time

ridden. & # 8221 ; This film supports the impression that the phase is an histrion & # 8217 ; s medium and

the film is the manager & # 8217 ; s. Romeo and Juliet is a banquet for the eyes and

does a great occupation of prosecuting the audience with the narrative at all times through

assorted cinematic techniques and fast ones which make understanding Shakespeare merriment,

interesting, fresh and easy.

Visually dynamic, and edited with a sense of urgency, most movie-goers will

get caught up in the narrative and bury that they are listening to the Bard. It

is Shakespeare & # 8217 ; s words and text, nevertheless, the sights and sounds are as clearly,

perchance dominating, stating the same parallel narrative. One could state that

there are visually emotional captions throughout the film directing the

audience to understand and prosecute in the most celebrated love narrative in an wholly

new manner. One can reason that this version of Romeo and Juliet would be

understood even without spoken words. The camera-work tells the narrative as

clearly as the text. There are really few minutes in this film when the camera

Michigans traveling. Like Oliver Stone & # 8217 ; s Natural Born Killers the redaction is ferocious

and in your face. There is small clip to believe as the ageless images flash

across the screen. And it works. You become beguiled and can non wait to see

what happens following even if you are already familiar with the narrative. It feels new.

Like many modern-day Shakespeare productions, the text has been

somewhat edited but this does nil to thin the narrative. The duologue, for

the most portion, is non delivered by maestro actors, instead, we hear

modern-day movie histrions presenting the Bard & # 8217 ; s

words as though this were present

twenty-four hours English in New York or Los Angeles. This works really good to maintain the

general movie-going audience engaged in the feeling of the words even if the

existent words or their significances are non heard or understood. Although

Shakespearian purists might happen it shocking that every word is non clearly

hearable, this is non the Globe. This is a film made to be shown in the promenades

of America & # 8211 ; non the halls of a theater. There is no demand to inquire your neighbour

for the significance of the words, for their bringing within the context of the

ocular imagination makes all clear.

The modern-day sets and costumes besides work good to congratulate the

modern-day bringing of lines. This is a modern twenty-four hours widely distributed metropolis with

beaches, gas Stationss and choppers. There are changeless ocular metaphors and

recognizable images used to convey intending where there might be some confusion.

The town square is a gas station, but we understand that this is a public topographic point

in which a private familial competition is happening. The tucks are guns, but a

affaire d’honneur is a affaire d’honneur. The two warring households, the Capulets and the Montagues are

presented as if they are two rival organized offense households. As a movie-goer,

we have seen this struggle before and do non necessitate to oppugn why it would be so

unsafe and extreme for the kids of these households to fall in love. The

hazards and challenges of this love affair are obvious.

This Romeo and Juliet is successful on many degrees for many grounds.

But I believe the most successful facet of this movie is that it ne’er forgets

that it is a film made for movie-goers. The audience feels really comfy

with everything traveling on the screen for it is all familiar and easy

apprehensible through the readings of the movie shapers. Unlike other

productions of Romeo and Juliet which I & # 8217 ; ve seen, I believe the existent significances

and thoughts of Shakespeare & # 8217 ; s narrative are more easy digested in this version. This

film knows it & # 8217 ; s audience good and does a great occupation of presenting the goods. It

should hence come as no surprise that the bulk of the audience on

opening dark was immature, aroused and claping at the film & # 8217 ; s terminal.