Related reputation, growth of the company; franchisees,

Related to Canadian
Restaurant industry or the Company restaurant: completion with other franchisors, quality
control and health concerns, security breaches of confidential guest
information, public safety issues, damage to the company’s reputation, growth
of the company; franchisees, franchising relations, retail licensing
opportunities, lawsuits, regulations,…

Related Company’s securities: payment of dividends, future sales,
significant ownership by the principal shareholders, dilution, quarterly
operation results may fluctuate.

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Corporate culture

“At CARA, we make everyone feel
special.”  Delivering Perfect
Guest Experience every time to customers. They are defined as

·      The genuine respect and care for each other’s success

·      The pride taken in helping each other grow

·      The passion in
celebrating the success 

·      The drive to efficiently deliver the Perfect
Guest Experience every time

·      The fun achieved together


2.     Missions and Statements

CARA’s mission statement reflects the company’s strategic objectives and
strategies. In contract, the vision statement of CARA demonstrates the
long-term direction of the business. To address its long-term goals, the
company continues to run through with implementing strategies. Now, CARA is one
of the biggest franchisor company in Canada in the Food and Beverage industry