Public while, greatly improving our inner cities

schools are failing, specifically in our inner cities. Youth cannot get a good
education and it’s leading to more crime and less contributions to society. Unfortunately,
the failing public schools adversely affect primarily minority citizens and
students. To help alleviate this, a voucher system could be instituted to allow
parents to use their tax dollars toward a different school or private
education. The voucher system would create competition, improve students’
performance by allowing them to go to a better school, and it would let parents
considering or using private education to use their tax dollars as a credit
toward tuition instead of paying twice for their child’s education from taxes
and tuition. All the while, greatly improving our inner cities and the
education levels they achieve through competition created from students being
able to go to other schools if they are not satisfied with their current

inner cities are known to have some of the poorer traditional public school
systems from elementary through high school. The urban environment has made
getting good teachers to their schools particularly hard. Teachers struggle to
maintain classroom peace in inner city schools and that makes instruction very
difficult. It also makes wanting that job as a teacher very difficult. Who
wants to work in a potentially hostile, unfriendly environment every day? As
for students, almost all the same applies. Students in the public schools
potentially also face a hostile, unfriendly environment every day. So parents
(and students) need an alternative to the poor education that they are forced
to use. Many inner city parents cannot afford a private or catholic school so
it makes perfect sense they would advocate for an alternative (Ladd).

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could be the alternative that has a massive impact on inner city minority
youths and their success. Vouchers would help alleviate minorities’ poor access
to education. Those in favor of vouchers argue that they can improve students’
performances by getting them into a better school. Often times, a newer,
friendlier environment is all a child needs to succeed. The fact that vouchers
could allow children to learn with smarter peers only makes them smarter. If a
child is stuck in an inner city school with a bunch of kids that don’t care
about their school or own future what is he going to do? Probably follow along
with his peers down a path of not caring and statistically, most likely,
criminal behavior (Neal). However, if you get a child into a classroom
environment that values learning and statistically does well year in and year
out with graduation rates and test scores, the sky is the limit! Inner city
youth have the chance to get with kids that care about learning and teachers
that care about educating.

other large argument for those in favor of vouchers for inner city youth is the
large amount of competition they foster. Whether its students or teachers,
every school wants the best of each so giving parents (and children) another
educational option encourages the schools to perform at their best so more kids
will attend. If one private or traditional school in Philadelphia gets renowned
for their success, it will drive all the other schools to perform better with
hopes of receiving the same attention. Vouchers also break the monopolies that
can be found in public schools. It would force our public schools to step up
and compete with the local private educators. Inner city youth would reap the
rewards of the voucher systems cities should create. Milwaukee is a good
example of a city that has implemented this and seen the program grow
increasingly. They have around 32,000 voucher students who are primarily
low-income households that have a failing public school system they live in

parents who would like to send their children to private schools or who already
do also argue that they should not have to pay twice with taxes and tuition.
Why shouldn’t they be able to take their tax money and put it toward the
education of their choice? If you choose private education why are you still
paying for the public schools to continue failing you? This can help many
families with failing school systems around them to find a proper substitute
for their child’s education.

            Clearly the voucher system could be an adequate way to
reduce the differential access to education that minorities receive. The
competition it creates can help minorities gain a better education. The money
it can save families on tuition can give people more money to contribute to
society. Most importantly, it allows students to get to a better school and perform
better in a friendly environment. With all that being said, vouchers could be a
great solution for minority access to quality education. 


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