Project to be done? Who needs to

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Project Management.

Project Management focuses on the introduction of change. Project managers must take into consideration the needs of stakeholders, the planning process- what needs to be done? Who needs to do it? What standards need to be met? (Schwalbe,2017). It is essential for a Project Manager to build and motivate the team whilst effectively coordinating the work of different people, managing any changes to the plan to deliver successful results (Hendeman, Fredriksz and Vis van Heemst, 2009).

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Due to rising expectations of consumers and citizens wanting more in less time and other technical changes to Project Management is more important than ever. To meet these expectations Project management has moved from a permanence hierarchy structure to that of one that allows more flexibility to meet shrinking product development times and market windows.

Everything can be considered a project. A project is a unique, coordinated and controlled activity where everything relates to everything else (Heerkens, 2015). It should have a start and end date, detail any specifics required for the completion of the Project and detail how to achieve the project objectives using time, cost and quality controls.

All the work that must be done to achieve Project objectives is called the Project Scope. The project scope (See appendix A) may change over time, it is the Project managers responsibility to ensure the project will still deliver its defined benefits on time think Prince2 (Hughes et al.,2007).

The body of knowledge (BOK) is defined by professional associations or societies. Members outline what is needed to do their jobs and that forms the foundation for the curriculum of most professional programs (Morris, Crawford and Hodson, 2006). The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) is the preeminent global standard for project management. It provides project professionals with the fundamental practices needed to achieve organizational results and excellence in the practice of project management (PMInstitutions, 2013).

Current developments in Project Management

2017 seen many new trends within Project Management. Agile project management was accepted outside of software development such as the agile marketing manifesto (See appendix G). Towards the last few months Agile project management has crept into all industries, graphic designers to UX professionals are using it and it has revolutionised pet food product development. There has been a drastic change in the necessity for non-traditional collaboration tools over traditional project management software increasing Agile’s popularity (Burger, 2018).

New product development project portfolio management software started to slowly creep into enterprise product development organizations some sample brands include Decision Lens, GenSight, PDWare and Planview (Advisory,2018). This merging was due to Agiles widespread adoption and the internet of things. The internet of things and digitalisation are pressuring product companies to strategies, prioritise, select, source and execute projects quicker than ever to reach the market window. PPM cannot address these needs unlike NPD PPM, Innovators will no longer be locked into software applications and development (,2018).

EQ has become more important to project managers potentially becoming the most desired skill for a new project manager. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to not only manage your own emotions but the emotions of those around you. EQ’s require emotional awareness, the ability to manage emotions and the ability to apply emotions to tasks like thinking and problem solving (Shankman, Allen and Haber-Curran, 2015). It is important 


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