politicians most pragmatic and notable reaction is

politicians or with the motivations that
condition them. It is in this interaction and crossings of vectors, where the
focus must be focused, also considering the citizen as the main subject and
objective of all behavior. It is in this context that the candidates for the US
elections of 2016 are instilled.

will focus on the Republican party. In dispute for obtaining most of the
delegates we find Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich (Who is running for President?). The interest centers on the
candidate, who as of February 2016 is the one who, according to the surveys,
has the best chance of obtaining the candidacy. And, beyond results or
estimates, the choice is motivated by the impact that your campaign is having
on American society, in its media with a main emphasis, and in a derivative
way, around the world.

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However, the most pragmatic and notable
reaction is that it is taking place among the country’s main newspapers, which,
in their role as defenders of social stability, have organized themselves in a
campaign that seeks to avoid the candidate’s victory. It is this treatment and
those discourses that, in an inconsistent way, are contributing to the image of
Donald Trump, not only negatively but ambiguously. Constituted mainly by an attention
of their personal needs and skills and their racist values and contrary to
equality and social justice. All this together with the intelligent management
of its communication office is giving, logically, place to an worsened protagonist
of its figure that does nothing but increase interest and feedback in a
geometric and exponential way. Therefore, the role of these media and of that
management in the construction of their image will be the object of observation
and study of this work.

all this context, the work is inclined to gather enough and necessary information
to evidence and corroborate the current situation that occurs in the political
and media sphere. In addition, profile how this has contributed to enhance the
trump case, to become a topic of debate