Personal the employer that his/her workers do

Personal attributes valued by employers

Self-motivation – This is where someone has own concern about achieving something and is well motivated by himself or herself without the continual influence of anyone else telling them what to do. This is really important to any employers as it shows that you have own passion and determination to do the work.

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Dependability – This is when the employer counts on the employees to do what is required for the job. Also is when the owner trusts the workers with certain activities such as being ready for work on time and completing all the tasks asked for the day. It can include helping others when you’re done with your tasks, to make the employer satisfied. It displays your enthusiasm to work.

Problem Solving – This is when the employees undertake a certain problem and resolve it by working on it. It is really important in the IT department as it shows the employer that his/her workers do everything to solve the problem and find the best solution.

Independence – This is when someone works on their own to get their work done with no one’s help. When an employer employs a new person, they will look at the skills that you have to see if you satisfy their needs. IT department will look at independent working which is important as it gives the employer a understanding on how you work on your own.

Time management – This means managing time efficiently so that the right activity is carried out for the right amount of time. This is really important to an employer as it shows that you are aware of what you have to do and how long you should do each task. It will benefit the IT department, as some of the tasks are time consuming.

Team working – This is when a group of people work together by making decisions and sharing ideas on what can things be improved and how can they improve it. This is really important in the IT department as it shows the employer that you are able to cooperate with others in your team without any issues.

Planning and organisation skills – This is one of the essential skills in any work in order to achieve a certain goal. These skills help employees to stay focused on their tasks and build confidence. It allows to quick thinking and decision-making. This is important in the IT department as it shows the employer that you are willing to do all of the above.


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