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Marshall breathes deeply, briefly closes his eyes and stands, paper in hand.
“My sister returns home today.” His voice cracks as he glances up at the now hushed crowd of blended faces. I thought she was crazy my whole life. She was impulsive and determined and had these ideas that were detached from the status quo. She once told me “the obvious solution to world peace is to get people to see each other.” That sentiment started when she came back from living in Jordan and said; “I thought Arabs were terrorists and Muslims were bad. Wrong. Now they are some of my greatest friends.” After a visit to Russia she wrote that she understood their love of Stalin. He saved their children, their livelihood. As her global perspective changed, she began to realize that to gain empathy we need connectivity. She would say; people have changed me, shaped me, taught me; even the ones who language I didn’t speak. Despite her ability to connect with people she always wondered: “Am I giving enough? Am I changing minds? It was that burden that made her great. Well sis – you were enough. You did it right. A lot of people can make travel fun and inspirational. Anndrea, you are the person that solidified how important a change in perspective can be.
You are leaving us with memories of a girl who bravely explored peoples most joyous, intriguing and heartbreaking moments. In front of everyone you showed us that being vulnerable shouldn’t be reserved for only those you keep close, but that truth and curiosity should be shared with everyone. 
You boldly stepped into the spotlight with a goal of bringing us together. Travel was not Anndrea’s highest value. Connectivity was. She never took anything for granted and she was eternally loyal. She would remind me that friendship can have roots deeper than kinship and I am proud to say that she was my friend. So what is to become of our broken hearts? She would tell us to share them. Don’t suspend your sorrow. Anndrea always aspired to meet someone new and was willing to be misunderstood. She acted without concern for herself and love was her supreme virtue.

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She knew how important it is to see people. She saw you. All of you. She never tore at you dignity when you didn’t see each other. Only presented a new avenue for you to do so and. She made sure to see you. 

She believed in us, and stood solid on her foundation that all people are innately good. The final thing she said was that her last breath will go to those who have not yet taken the time to reward themselves the power of a changed perspective.

So I leave you today not with a heavy heart but venerabily saying thank you sis. Thank you for seeing me.