On to something unpredictable and violent, violent

the contrary, playing video games have its disadvantages also. It is seen that
playing too much video games and spent such hilarious hours on playing video
games induce behavioural change to something unpredictable and violent, violent
virtual video games make a person to experience higher heart rate due to dizziness,
nausea and aggressive thoughts. (Cesarone,1998). Moreover, staring too long
into the screen and television just to clear a stage while playing video games
in long hours can make people to experience dizziness and tiredness that always
leads to nausea. The brain and body started to feel exhausted and they need
rest after been pushed from working in a long run. Human body and brain have
their own limit capacity in working. If people continuing forcing the brain and
body to work, these actions might cause a serious health effects in a long-term
period. Playing video games without setting up any limit, can make people to
experience deterioration of the brain functions and body dysfunctional slowly
in time. Video games players tend to expose to too many aggressive thoughts and
monkey’s business. Teenagers that played video games are tend to take aggressive
actions and get exposed to many disciplinary problems, as people knew that,
teenagers are in the brink of learning. The teenagers watched, learned and
practiced whatever actions that are seems interesting to follow. Teenagers
gained knowledge and skills from the video games then applied it in a real-life
event which indirectly leads to disciplinary and moral issues such as bully,
vandalism and truancy in school, disrespectful and disobedient either in public
or home. Also, maybe the teenagers will take everything from the video games
much more aggressive such as stealing, robbing, killing and even raping too. This
is very dangerous as it affected the teenagers to behave negatively with the
surrounding and other people. Therefore, playing video games can induce
behavioural change to something unpredictable and violent in real world.

the other disadvantage is playing video games can cause lack of focus and
attention. Playing video games causing people to be strayed from focus thus,
lost concentration. (Cesarone,1998). People today mostly had a video games in
custody, in a smartphone or in laptop or even a handheld-consoles. But these
days, people could also play games through smartphones, as smartphones are
really important in these days lives, when people have to contact people
through phones. In the beginning, either students or working adults think only
to play video games for a while just to relieve daily stress, but then slowly
getting strayed from the games then started to spend long hours for it and at
the end these people cannot focus in classes or works. During the old days,
phones were not allowed to bring to schools as it was the school law and could
strayed students from concentration. But students nowadays are on the contrary.
Distraction occurred in the class as the students bring phones to the schools
just for the sake of playing video games. 
This attitude can cause student’s studies concentration to stray. When
students lost concentration in classes and strayed from studies, students will
get bad grade and cannot graduate on time and most of the time, this kind of
students do not have any interest in studying anymore when failed too many
times. However, this problem was not only happened to students, but it also
affected the adults. Those who are working could also be strayed when using smartphones
to play games then causing the same effect which was lost of concentration at works.
Excessive playing with videogames while working can cause delay of works, late
submission and possibly to lose the job. Therefore, playing video games can
cause lack of focus and attention.

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than that, playing video games have another disadvantage which is waste of
time. It was proven that playing video games was a waste of time to people and
make them hard to maintain a good grip of their time management.
(Cesarone,1998). Usually, video games players could find a hard time to
maintain and manage good time within the real life and fantasy or in visual
world. A bad management of time could lead the players to many problems such as
hard to get a grip of own schedule and make more fidgety and qualms when people
do not know what to do. Sometimes, these people often feel kind of inadequate
and filled the emptiness by spending more time on video games and engage in the
visual world. When involve with visual world the players felt occupied but
never know that actions and decision taken could make waste another valuable
time. It was not the true story when someone could maintain a good time
management between video games and real-life activities, it was known that, it
was really hard to maintain a good time management even for the scheduled
person. Therefore, playing video games can cause waste of time.

playing video games in long hours is that playing video games could lead to
health problems.  Playing video games
constantly can hurt thumbs, wrist and eyes and sometimes can hurt the vision.
Also, staring to the screen in long run making that people to be more prone to
blindness (Cesarone,1998). The constant use of thumbs, wrist and eye could make
people to feel pain in the area and sometimes could lead to more serious
trouble where the players cannot move the thumbs and wrist where it could be
severe when the feeling of numb is experienced in the area and finally
paralysed. When paralyzed, the players affected could not move a single inch and
cannot do anything even playing the video games. Furthermore, the constant use
of eyes could lead to tired eyes and worst of all, it could lead to cataracts
and severely become blind. This happen when video games player stare too long in
the screen, when the background of the screen to be pitch black, player usually
shut down all lamps in the rooms just to take the feels in playing the games
that are actually not a good idea where the players think it was a simple
action that they take and never think about the circumstances of their action
in the future. The players could not imagine and be shocked by taking the
decision to take the action can be the causes to their lost of sight one day.
When that happens, it was impossible and really tough in trying to prevent it.
So, video games players should take precautions and prevent that from happens
before it was too late to even regret it because any part of the body cannot be
change and replaced like in the games. Therefore, playing video games can lead
to health problems either in short or long term.

conclusion, people can decide whether playing video games a stimulator or
wrecker by referring to the advantages and disadvantages. Video games can bring
the most significant of advantages where it can be used as an aid in learning.
It does not merely show things, it asks people to do things, participate, and
play with it. Moreover, the time spent playing video games can correlate with
mental health, cognitive and social skills. On the other hand, video games can bring
the most significant of disadvantages where it could lead to health problems.
With constant playing, it can hurt the thumb along with the wrist while it also
brought tiredness to the eyes. Eventually making people to be paralysed and
blind. Therefore, there are few suggestions that can be used to overcome the
circumstances which should be started from an early age where parents should restrain
the children from playing video games in long hours. Other than that, parents
should also monitor their children during playing video games as parents should
know what type of games the child involved in, such violent games should be
avoided. Time management is very crucial. Players should be able to rationally
spending time wisely for video games and life. Lastly, children academic result
should be monitored by the parents constantly from time to time to avoid from
straying in games.