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On a global spectrum, Canada is considered one of most-respectable countries. With its stable economy, abundance of natural resources, cultural and religious diversity, numerous public services, and governmental structure, the quality of life in Canada is undoubtedly amongst the best.  Throughout the years, the Canadian government has developed into a system that provides liberty, diversity and equality but this progression would have never taken place had it not been for the leadership of certain Canadian citizens. John Diefenbaker and Lester B. Pearson can both equally be credited for this renowned reputation. This essay will illustrate some of the policies of each politician and explore their durability. In addition, it will address the determination demonstrated throughout both of their political careers and the quantity of people they impacted. 

Throughout John Diefenbaker’s office term he introduced several reforms supporting equality, many of which influenced modern-day Canadian law and policies. By creating the Canadian Bill of Rights in 1960, he was the first Prime Minister to recognize fundamental human rights in a federal statute. Now Canadian citizens enjoy the freedom and national democracy from the similar Charter of Rights and Freedom. Additionally, Diefenbaker focused on the injustice surrounding the First Peoples. He was the first to promote federal Aboriginal leadership by appointing James Gladstone, the first Aboriginal Senate. Together they granted the Aboriginal people the right to vote without having to abandon their status under the Indian Act. As a result, Aboriginal people gained more political recognition. Currently, there are numerous Aboriginal activists groups including the Congress of Aboriginal People representing non-status and Metis First Nations across the country. He also supported women in politics by assigning Ellen Fairclough, the first female minister. Together they adjusted immigration policies by introducing sponsorships and lifting quotas, thus promoting diversity. Today, Canada takes much pride in its multiculturalism and benefits from immigrant aid in international relations.  

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