NYIT admission Essay

Leaders, they say, are not born but made, and the making of a good leader depends not only on the personality of the individual, but also, on the environment and the kind of education the individual is exposed to. The search of a good education has created in me a thirst for a citadel of learning with the right environment for development, and that which can impart in me the entrepreneurial skills, which I have long longed for. I believe NYIT is such a place where this long standing dream of mine can become a reality.

My name is Anthony Pistilli, I live in Upper Brookville NY. I’m a senior at Locust Valley High School. All through my developmental stages, I have harnessed all opportunities to develop myself and to relate with people that can add value to my life. I always ensured that everything I would be involved in, will add value to my personality.

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My passion to study at NYIT was borne out of my desire to be one of the greatest entrepreneurs in this country. I have started developing myself right from my high school by taking some classes like government, history, IB management, statistics and English language. My family has a Real Estate Management and Development Company which I hope to take over and manage later. My success in managing this company and other responsibility that I will encounter in nature  will be dependent on the type of training that I received hence there is a need for me to apply to the school that I know will give me the best training that I desire.

I developed interest in the business department and the campus learning gcenter of the NYIT which I have experienced while in my present school. Getting a degree from NYIT will not only develop me to be able to manage our company successfully, it will also, make me a world class business tycoon which has always been my dream.  In NYIT, I am interested more in the management programs like construction management which will be of immense benefit to my degree in NYIT.

I know I have a great future ahead of me, I know I will succeed in the management course that I  have chosen for myself with my admission into NYIT because  I know that NYIT has all the necessary facilities for my future carrier in business management. I know NYIT is filled with many resource tutors who are ready to give out the intricacy of my dream course management; this is why I am applying to this renowned citadel of learning.

Lastly, I believe that NYIT will lead me to a path of success and knowledge. I also believe that I have all the qualities and the skills that are needed to be successful in this course. Since, the university is respected amongst the educational communities and known to be prestigious; I want to be part of the university for the next semester. I will forever be grateful if giving the opportunity to study at this highly-esteemed university, I will try my very best to be one of the best students, no matter how difficult things may be, when I am admitted.