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Now browsers are no longer the source of web pages; Instead, it has become more productive, with many extensions. While talking about the browser, we can not ignore that the best Chrome extensions available in Google are available. The best Google Chrome extension will not only help you simplify your work, but Chrome’s best extensions will also give you the best features needed for the result oriented display.Contents1 Best Google Chrome Extension 2017List of 2 best Google Chrome Extensions 20172.1 Internet security, privacy and ad blocking extensions2.1.1 Origin of the Ubol2.1.2 Adblock Plus2.1.3 Hole Better Internet2.1.4 Blur2.2 Reading and Content Assistant Extensions2.2.1 Mercury Reader2.2.2 Evernote Web Clipper2.2.3 Save in pocket2.3 Integrated Extensions with Google Services2.3.1 URL Shorteners2.3.2 Google Dictionary2.3.3 Google Scholar Button2.3.4 Google Calendar2.4 Productive Extensions2.4.1 Awesome Screenshots2.4.2 Push Bullet2.4.3 Phone 2 Google Chrome ExtensionChrome Remote Desktop Media, Editing and Development Extensions2.5.1 Pixler Editor2.5.2 Musixmatch2.5.3 Rangzilla2.6 Managing Bookmarks2.6.1 Google Bookmark Manager2.7 Social Media and eCommerce2.7.1 Discover2.7.2 HoneyBest Google Chrome Extension 2017Best extensions for Gogol Chrome 2017To do the best, Google Chrome is the most preferred browser for every internet user. For better and quick performance, many users like Google Chrome on Firefox and other browsers. Google has become a leading multipurpose and productive browser offering dynamic extensions to make work easier for you. Often, our readers are confused that Chrome extensions are best for specific categories. Okay, to choose from more than ten thousand chrome extensions, we think this is the toughest task. To protect our time and efforts, we’ve listed the best Chrome extensions that are productive and also provide quick performance. The best extensions for Chrome are free and highly rated by users.Read moreSpeed up the BlueStacks App Player in Windows PCList of Best Google Chrome Extensions 2017We have divided the best Chrome extensions into categories in categories:Privacy, Internet Security and Blocked AdvertisingAssistant for Reading and MaterialIntegration with Google servicesProductivity extensionMedia, editing and development extensionsManage bookmarksSocial Media and eCommerceYou can select any or all of the categories according to categories and install them in your Google Chrome. You can be confident about the expansion of the extension because we have done the best thing for you!Internet Security, Privacy and Ad Blocked ExtensionsChrome Extensions for Privacy, Internet Security and Advertising BlockinguBlock OriginThis is the best chrome extension because it is easy on the CPU and the memory of the device which makes the extension a more efficient blocker After installing the extension you can enjoy the benefits of uBlock origin.Block ads and do not bother them in the middle of your workIts effective way of blocking ads is to integrate the list of ads with the blocking process, and the extension will block synced lists.It is logical and Ubblock is also acceptable to install the original extension because uBlock is running on CPU’s low memory, though the extension supports host-file based filters.Adblock PlusThis is the most popular and best extension for Chrome to keep the Google Chrome browser clean interface. how? View Attributes:Expand ends all ads from web pages and sidebarIt’s a free plug-in that removes all ads like animated ads, Facebook ads, pop-ups, pop-unders, etc.To protect the device from third party tracking and malware, it is available in the high level of defense guards.You can customize / modify the extension according to your convenience.Hola Better InternetThis is the best Google Chrome extension for free VPN on your chrome. There are other useful benefits as well as providing instant access to data connections such as:It has an effective VPN that will help your search surf the net without telling the third party trackers.Access to blocked websites or sites that are not available due to issue of censorship in your area.Fixed, quick Internet providers, consume less data as well as stability.Read moreTop 9 Survey Remover Tool Bypass Survey Online (NEW)StigmaIt is the best extension of Chrome to be safe in a cyber-threatened world as the name of the extension suggests how well it has security features to keep your online activities safe:There are better privacy options to keep your data safe from being tracked by third parties.Manage your passwords and easily secure your online payments