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n 1928 the Medical College Admission’s Test was created; also, known as the MCAT. This is a standardized test created to test the knowledge of someone that wants to enter medical school. The MCAT tests individuals on Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and critical analysis of reading skills. This test is used to see how well medical students can apply their knowledge of Physics, Chemistry, and Science in problems and situations. There is a lot of controversy on whether medical students should be required to take physics or whether physics should be on the MCAT. I took it upon myself to understand why medical students need to take physics and whether it is necessary or not. In the following essay, I will explain how physics is used in medical machines, surgeries, and problem solving. The Merriam-Webster definition of the word Doctor is “a person skilled or specializing in healing arts”. That is what I would like to be. A person specialized in healing others. I have wanted to become a doctor ever since I saw the impact they make in the world. I have always loved kids and science, and the best combination of them both is a Pediatrician. My goal is to become a pediatrician when I am older. I will have to be in college for 11 years at least. 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, and 3 years of residency. Although it is a lot of time in college, and a lot of stress, I know IChaparro 1want to become a pediatrician and I think the hard work will be worth it. X-Rays, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI’s), Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Scans, and Ventilators, all of these machines need physics. For example, without physics, a doctor would not be able to know how to insert a Ventilator in a patient. A Ventilator is used to; get oxygen into lungs of patient, remove carbon dioxide from the body, help people who don’t have the ability to breathe on their own. In other word, Ventilators are very important to patients. And without physics they would not be possible. Without the understanding of fluid pressure and pulse frequency, the ventilation rate and amount of pressure applied will be difficult to be determined. An equation to help figure out the pulse width and duty cycle which is needed to know when inserting a Ventilator is: Pulse Width (sec) * Repetition Frequency (Hz) * 100. Also, when inserting a Ventilator in a patient, knowing the correct amount of force to use is important. This is when the F=ma equation comes in. To figure out the fluid pressure we need the following equations:    Fig. 1 “Fluid Pressure Equations Calculator.” Fluid Pressure Design Equations FormulasCalculator Pressure, Chaparro 2When I saw these equations, I was reminded of the equation we used earlier in the year; “F=MA”.  All these equations are tied in with physics! All these machines among other technology require a physicist’s presence.                                                              Surgeries are critical for the health of our society. There are many types of surgeries, butcardiovascular and pulmonary, are important surgeries that use a lot of physics. When a surgeonprepares for a surgery he or she needs to already have the knowledge of how they will execute the surgery. There are many equations and problems surgeons face, I won’t name them all but one that stood out to me was:Fig. 2  “Physics Equations for Electricity and Magnetism.” Dummies, This equation is used for pressure. A surgeon needs to know the amount of pressure needed to execute a surgery. The reason this equation stood out so much to me is because, it reminded me of a kinematic equation we were thought. For example, a= (delta v)/(delta t). That kinematic equation was used to find out average acceleration. Also, in MRI’s the acceleration of the wave frequencies are monitored. And to find acceleration the a= (delta v)/(delta t) formula is used.             Lastly, problem solving, when a doctor is being faced with a difficult case. When a doctor is faced with an issue that he or she does not know much about, physics can be a big help.Chaparro 3For example, a car accident, if a patient comes in and is severely hurt after a car accident thedoctor can use physics to figure out how fast the car was going and how much damage was caused in the patient. Even though doctors can just examine the patient, knowing the speed of the car or the amount of force the car hit in its moment can allow the doctor to figure out how much damage was caused to the patient and how to cure them. A mathematical example is; let’s say a car was traveling at a speed of 45 meters per second. And the initial velocity was zero. The change velocity would result in 45 m/s which would then allow the doctor to determine what the patient hit and how to cure him or her. Here is an example of the work:Fig.3 “Laser-Driven Particle Acceleration Towards Radiobiology and Medicine.” Google Books,             All in all, physics is a big part of medicine and it is very important in the medical field. Writing this essay was a struggle because at first I agreed with many other medical students that didn’t believe physics was an important aspect in the medical field. But, as I researched more and more I came to the conclusion; physics is of big importance when becoming an aspiring doctor or when already a doctor. Machines need physics to measure wave lengths and otherChaparro 4 things. And we need to understand force when using specific machinery. Surgeons need to know how much pressure is needed. And finally, when problem solving doctors think outside of the box and use physics to help understand the problem they are being faced with. Physics is not awaste of a class or time, and is important to someone who is trying to get into medical school andis the reason it is on the MCAT.


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