My years in my current high school.

My high school is unique. It breeds a caliber of student that is both intellectually hungry and incredibly compassionate. This is, of course, high praise, yet this atmosphere has challenged me to remarkable ends throughout my four years in my current high school. My teachers and class mates have pushed me to do my best in all areas of my life-not simply academics. I owe much of who I am to International Leadership Academy of Ethiopia, but I also realize that I, too, have made contribution to life at ILAE.One of the core values of my school is interdisciplinary learning where do not just learn and pass things. We integrate knowledge and modes of thinking from two or more disciplines in order to create products, raise questions, solve problems, and offer explanations of the world around us in a way that would not have been. I actively engaged in my classes in order to make course integrations with other subject course for instance in physics we learned about equilibrium and I integrating with psychology, biology and math, economics and other subjects. I integrated with our daily life situations and how we can make equilibrium in our life.My school followed the same Ethiopian curriculum, the ways of teaching were significantly different. There were more group work and experiments, and class discussions and fruitful debates were encouraged classes. In addition, my school had additional (“curriculum+”) classes carried out during the summer, which included African studies, geopolitics, intercultural studies, theatre and fine arts, and theory of knowledge (TOK), additional aspects of fulfilling ILAE’s notion: “locally robust, globally connected”. Ethiopia has more than 81 nation and nationality with this all different language, culture, diversified opinion and religion we have lived for centuries in a peace and love. So as during intercultural studies class we used to study different world history and cultural practices and one of the interesting thing I found was in “Ubuntu” originates from one of the Bantu dialects of Africa and it is states that “I am what I am because of who we all are.”  And it is a great thing that they all worried and care about the wellbeing of each other. This kind of culture is integrated with our school we all care about the wellbeing of our school community.Environmental service is one part of education at my school. Sometimes, it has a grade like other academic subjects. After I enrolled in to my school, my compassion towards environmental sustainability started growing. I wanted to do something special to contribute towards the development of the world I live in.  I started giving awareness during my summer internship school and in order to plant trees, watered theme regularly and clean our school environment in order to make our learning and teaching environment healthy. I also give awareness to the community where I live to at least plant one tree to their surrounding and watered them in order to breathe fresh air, make attractive environment and to decrease the trend of global warming.At Pitzer, just like my high school, I can be sure that I will engage and fit with the core values of Pitzer’s from the experience I got from my high school. In Pitzer’s, I can learn in an environment that does not only teach what others thought, but promotes how to think… At, Pitzer’s I can grow my engineering skills through different research programs I always aspire to be while I also master different subjects in the sciences and arts. In general Pitzer’s is not just a good fit, but also a place where I would get the kind of education I have want.