Moda Textile Factory: Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan Essay

1. How have Sergei and Olga’s lives alteration in Soviet yearss? Are their lives better? After the prostration of Soviet Union. Kyrgyzstan’s economic sciences was lag since they was traveling to market-based economic system. Sergei and his married woman lost their occupation and moved to capital. They borrowed money from household and friends get downing concern outside of the capital. After long period of clip making concern over China. India. and Turkey. they did a better occupation and had adequate capital for a largest section shop in town. Their concern was acquiring better and they built their ain run uping mill of high quality dress. The clients are sweeping bargainers who sold their goods to retail merchants in Kazakhstan and Russia. They had many troubles in raising capital. exporting to new market. and many little local rivals. Even still holding many challenges. their lives were much better than the period of Soviet Union.

2. What is Moda Textile Factory’s competitory advantage? How can it be used to spread out the concern? First. Moda Textile Factory had a good relationship with their clients. Sergei had worked with most of his clients for many old ages. some of them were old friends of household. and besides friends he knew during purchasing trips to Turkey. These loyal clients could convey him a batch of orders. Second. Moda Textile provided client high quality merchandises. They besides had planned to do stylish Italian imported cashmere coats. Different with other run uping workshops. Moda Textile want to develop their market non merely in Kyrgyzstan but besides in USA. Russia. and Europe. With a bigger mark market. they will hold more chances to spread out their concern.

3. What sort of people should Sergei and Olga look for as concern spouse to assist them to spread out their market outside Kyrgyzstan? How should they happen a spouse they can swear? What can they make to construct trust with individual? The best manner to come in an outside market is looking for person who has experience in working in that local market. For blink of an eye. the local concern spouses are good pick since they know the linguistic communication. civilization. and behaviour of their country. Multinational companies. who is presently working in the local market because they might hold experience of a alien come ining that market. Finding spouses they can merely is non easy and takes a batch of clip. Therefore. they should take concern trip to that country. make some market research about it. and get down a little contract with some spouses. They need clip to accommodate to new environment and cognize what their spouses benefits from their concern. And they can spread out their concern bit by bit when they know the spouse and the market better.

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4. How can Sergei and Olga begin bring forthing stylish women’s cashmere coats in their mill? Is this executable or should they give up the dream? Propose an action program to travel their concern in this way. Sergei and Olga could bring forth the stylish women’s cashmere coats as their dream. First of all. they should happen out mark market for the women’s cashmere coats since the market in Kyrgyzstan is excessively little to develop. The states like USA. Russian. or Europe are good pick since they have stable political relations and supply more information to foreign bargainers. Second. they may desire to happen some spouses. who understand the local markets to assist them get down with little contracts. They should acquire familiar to transit. revenue enhancement system. particular policies. and civilization of these markets. After 1 or 2 old ages working in different markets. they would recognize advantages or troubles of each market. Based on these experience. they could get down making bigger contracts with foreign clients.