Medical refers to the informatics in healthcare.

Medical informatics, also termed as
health informatics, refers to the informatics in healthcare. It utilizes health
information technology to enhance health care through a combination of higher efficiency, higher quality, and new opportunities. The disciplines involved
in this field include computer science, information science, social science,
management science, behavior science etc. This field of healthcare deals with
the devices, methods, and resources to
enhance the storage, retrieval, acquisition, and
use of information in biomedicine and health (Shortliffe
and Cimino, 2013).

informatics include
the application of information via a platform of software, data management
tools and instruments that enable to capture, process, migrate and interpret scientific
data for quick utilization, and also to manage, share and store data for
supporting future development, research and lab testing, thereby increasing the
laboratory operations’ efficiency.  The
utilization of health informatics in the laboratory
has enabled the healthcare professionals to effectively manage the data and
ensure complete privacy of the patient’s information (Prasad and Bodhe, 2012).

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Laboratory informatics has
succeeded to achieve importance with the rapid progress in the field of
informatics, and it is evident that this significant field is one of the
fastest growing areas in the technology related to laboratory. The
commoditization of software and hardware, related to informatics in laboratory
has contributed significantly in the demand and growth of laboratory
informatics, as various software applications for various operations in
laboratory, are now available at affordable prices.

Majority of the hospitals are
attempting to transform their data storage practices in the laboratory area.
The laboratory informatics has opened the door to a significant opportunity for storing and managing the data efficiently. It
includes certain strategies and methods devoted to improving the storage of health data. Cloud system is a significant
tool which allows the professionals to successfully manage the imaging data. This
system attempts to improve the management of healthcare data, eventually
assisting the healthcare professionals to provide effective healthcare with
minimum error (Omachonu and Einspruch, 2010).

Various laboratories are now
confronted by a significant growth in the rates of data generation. This information and data need to be retrieved
and stored, further, the organizations must attempt to increase the value of
information and data at their disposal. The need to manage and store a huge
amount of data led to the development of Laboratory Informatics Management
System. However, there are certain issues which need to be resolved by the
management of organizations in order to
enable maximum accuracy in storing the patient data. Moreover, various
laboratories still run without the utilization of medical informatics, thus
there is a significant need to highlight the importance of health informatics
in the laboratory in order to enhance the
patient care (Stair and Reynolds, 2013).