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Like several countries in Africa and else wherever, African nation is subject to many hazards like stickup, kidnapping, inter-ethnic conflict, murder, bombing, human and kid trafficking. These square measure a lot of outstanding in some regions of the country than others. seizure for ransom has long been a heavy downside, tho’ not in square measureas wherever some companies or non-publicindividual are presently engaged on the problem of insecurity in African nation so as to assist curb the issues that insecurity has wiped out our country. However, a number of expatriates are abducted within the past few years in African nation.many dominant themes in Nigerian history square measure essential for understanding up to date Nigerian politics and society. First, the unfold of Islam, preponderantly within the north-but later in south western African nation in addition, began as early as ninthcentury. Over and higher than those “normal” risks, there has been plenty of tension in Jos and encompassing areas of tableland state within the past eleven year. as an example, there was a significant crisis in Jos in Gregorian calendar month 2010 between the Muslim and Christian ethnic teams in central African nation close to the town of Jos. many churches were attacked and plenty of individuals. Killed, since then, several far villages are savagely attacked throughout the night, villagers World Health Organization were largelyChristians were slaughtered by matchet attackers from the Hausa- Fulani, a gaggle of Muslim herdsmen. Altogether, many Nigerians, as well as ladies and kids, are killed. moreover, spiritual extremists became outstanding in African nation over the past 3 years. There square measure currently frequent bombings and connected attacks through out Northern {nigeria|Nigeria|Federal Republic of African nation|African country|African nation} that have resulted into loss of lives and property in Nigeria by that even human lives square measure lost in addition. Adding to the current stigma, Dozens of churches are bombed or otherwise attacked round the country, however several alternativeestablishments and Nigerian people have additionally been targeted. There are variety of bomb attacks on government targets, news media, and churches.More so, inside African nation, slavery was widespread and bore social implications that square measure still evident. Conversion to Islam and unfold of Christianity were in an elaborate way related to problems about slavery and with efforts to market political and cultural political system.Inefficiencies combined the result of corruption. Crime and every one these crises have expose a threat to national security and have serious negative impact on efforts to give birth to economic development.