Let’s that you are in a better


Let’s assume you own a beautiful home regardless of whether it’s a one-bedroom or four-bedroom home. This means you are undoubtedly living a happy and comfortable life. What if one fateful afternoon, an unforeseeable event occurs?

Let’s say your house catches fire and unfortunately everything inside was destroyed. How would you recover from such a situation? If only you had the correct protection in place to cater for such loses and that’s where House Insurance comes in.

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House insurance can be viewed in two different categorized. First one is home building insurance and the second is the contents insurance. Both policies are very important and they can be combined or taken individually.


Home insurance


In this category, the home’s structure is fully covered this including everything from permanent fixtures to all the fittings inside the house. Typically, it also covers fitted kitchens, fitted decorative aspects like wardrobes and cupboards. Sometimes, home insurance policies cover garages, garden sheds, and greenhouses, But you should always confirm with your insurance provider first.


Contents insurance


In this category, contents insurance policy covers almost everything inside your house not excluding the garden furniture you may possess. The items typically covered include home electronics such as computers, kitchen equipment, and television.

Suppose you fall victim to theft, therefore in this particular case your home insurance will not come to your aid. In the case you decide to get content insurance, it’s important to evaluate your valuable contents carefully. This is due to the fact that most of the time many people end up underinsuring their contents and they end up being denied their claim altogether or even not getting the full amount of the contents lost. 


Therefore, it’s very important and critical to have a clear view of each policy so that you are in a better position to make good concrete decisions.