Kristian I have started to become an

Kristian Andrews Memoir 1-25-17 Over the past years, I have changed a lot. I have started to become an adult at the age of fifteen. Somethings I learned about myself are bad and good. I  procrastinate a lot maybe it’s because I tend to work well under a little bit of pressure or my lazy side coming out, but I wait until the last minute to do just about everything. I will be the first one to admit that it is terrible.  I am extremely sensitive and emotional. It doesn’t take much for me to end up crying, whether it be a sad movie or just built-up stress. I tend to take everything to heart no matter what the situation is. But even though my emotions get the best of me, I know it’s because I am also extremely passionate and hardworking about everything I do. My friends are very important to me. There are not enough words in the world that could describe how much I love my friends. Every single one of them has changed my life in some aspect, and I would seriously do anything for them. When I am going through something they are they for me and they will try to cheer you up. They have made me such a better person and I am not shy anymore. I am very childish when it come to life. I could sit here and watch a whole Disney movie.Even though I consider myself to be pretty mature, there are obvious times where my inner child breaks through. Personally, I don’t mind this characteristic about me because I think staying young at heart is important for everybody. My sense of style has gotten a lot better. Back then I really didn’t care how I looked nor dress. Now I would step up my look by following Instagram fashion trends and TV shows. I really overthink about school, when it comes to quizzes and test. I would usually study the night before, for a quiz or a test. Then the next day when it comes to the test or quiz my mine usually goes blank. What I learned was that I need to do stop trying to cram everything in that night and just take it piece by piece. I would usually study for 30 min and quiz myself. Sometimes I would usually do flashcards. By doing things I helped myself and my grades and it is paying of really good. Another thing I learned about myself is I should compare myself to anyone or try to be like someone else. I thank my parents for this one. They always taught me to be true to myself and be who I am. I’ll tell you this, I am such a weirdo and totally proud. I’m quite low maintenance unless there are clothes involved, then I’m high maintenance. I would rather stay in, facetime my friends, watch movies on Netflix and order a pizza than go out. I’m not obnoxious and I definitely don’t post on social media to try and bring attention to myself or gain attention through comments or number of likes. I see girls post all these pictures of themselves and I can’t help but wonder why we are becoming a self-obsessed society and the real world. Getting out of my comfort zone. I am a very quiet person when I am around people I don’t know, but I can be the most outgoing when I am around people I have established close relationships with, like my friends.  Let’s just say I am awkward in most social situations. George College  Early College has made me go out of my comfort zone by engaging with new  people I don’t know or wouldn’t normally talk to. I have also been provided with opportunities that challenge and test me. You will never be able to change yourself and see results if you don’t push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Staying positive means accepting the fact that you’re in deep trouble and working towards a happy solution rather than just sitting and crying over the fact that you’re in deep trouble. It is your frame of mind, the strength and hope you maintain when in a difficult situation. You can’t let the tough times set you up towards failure. To say positive you have to think about the good memories, and look back on the bad ones. There are alot of things that keep me positive they are; my grandma, my mom, my dad, and my auntie Lindia. One of the positive things my grandma would tell me, “attack your self-image with confidence.” To me this means that if you feel bad about your body or how you look you say thing that will make you confident. I am really self conscious about myself and my grandma knows that I get a lot of people calling me “fat” and “ugly”. My grandma is one of my role model. She also say, “learn how to take criticism in a healthy way.” One of the most common fears is the fear of criticism. It can hold people back from doing what they want to do  in life. Because having negativity flowing through out  someone’s mouth or email about you can hurt. But if you want to take action on what you deep down want then criticism is pretty much unavoidable. So the key is learning to handle it in a healthier way by just ignoring him.One of the positive things my mom would tell me would be “don’t let your fears hold you back from doing what you want.” Sometimes you may want to take a chance in life. A common trap when you want to do one of those things you want to do but your fears get the best of you.  Then your mind runs wild by the  fear and it creates nightmare and makes you feel sick in the stomach.  When I have figured that out I also spend a bit of time on trying to figure out what I could do if that that often pretty unlikely thing happens. And help you to get going, step outside of your comfort zone and take that chance.One of the positive things my dad told me before he died was, “too be nice to everyone.” I agree with this because if you are nice to everyone, they will be nice to you in return treat others the way you want to be treated. You should learn to think before saying something about someone. I want them to realize how someone  may feel if someone said it to them. Empathy plays an important role in kindness. If you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything at all. It is important to keep quiet if nothing good can come from what is being said. One of the positive things my auntie Linda told me before she died was, “to stay strong.” My auntie Lindia was a strong person, she had breast cancer. To me this means not giving up in life and keep going in life, if you are having hard times. She would also say, “live in a positive environment.” Who you choose to spend your time with and the input you get from further away like the TV, the internet and magazines will have a huge effect on your outlook. To be able to stay positive it is essential to have influences in your life that support you and lift you up instead of dragging you down. One of the things I like to do to stay positive is to move mindful throughout the day. When you spend your time in the present moment then it becomes so much easier to access positive emotions and to stay  progressive about what you can actually do about something in your life. When you get lost in the past or future, like so many of us have spent a lot of time on doing then. By moving slowly through your morning and hopefully through much of the rest of your day it becomes easier to mindfully stay in the moment you are in. The life lesson of my story was about it is important to learn things about yourself. It doesn’t matter if it bad or good thing you learned about yourself. Staying positive is really good for your life don’t worry about negative people, and staying positive will get you somewhere in life.